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United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA)

11. April 2007

Speech of the Chairman on the 28th Foundation Day of the

Revered Freedom loving people of Assam,

Today is the 28th foundation day of the United Liberation Front of Asom. ULFA was formed with the determined aim of re-establishing a Sovereign Independent Assam, presently under Indian colonial occupation. The objective of our national liberation struggle is to free the indigenous peoples from Indian colonial oppression and exploitation, the ultimate goal being to establish a society on the principles of scientific socialism. Assam belongs to all the indigenous peoples of Assam . But the divisive and oppressive Indian subjugation has deprived us of our common heritage of the Sovereign rights over our land. It is with these solemn national and social objectives that ULFA was formed on this day 28 years ago.

During the past twenty-seven years, the peoples of Assam have suffered immeasurably because of Indian colonial repression and exploitation. Over Ten Thousand sons and daughters of Assam have embraced martyrdom, many a women have been raped and even raped-and-killed, hundreds have become disabled, many more remain ‘disappeared in custody’ while hundreds still languish in colonial jails inside Assam or elsewhere. Despite all these sufferings the peoples of Assam as a whole have been supporting the national cause by sending their beloved sons and daughters to join the liberation struggle, and by sheltering and protecting us to continue the struggle until final victory.

On this occasion, I on behalf of the United Liberation Front of Asom, bow my head in veneration and salute the entire indigenous peoples of Assam.

For us today is the day for reaffirming our commitment and faith in the national liberation struggle. On this solemn day, we remember with tears those heroic sons and daughters of the soil who have made the ultimate sacrifice in carrying out their duties for our Motherland.

At this hour of reflecting on our national resolve, we offer our deep sympathy and condolence to those who have lost their near and dear ones at the hands of Indian Occupation Forces.

With the firm resolve of “Either Freedom or Martyrdom”, our cadres have been fulfilling their commitment of carrying on the freedom struggle overcoming incalculable sufferings and overwhelming odds with total dedication and devotion. I take pride in saluting them.

Many patriotic organisations and intellectuals of Assam have raised their voice against the atrocities and human rights violations committed by the Indian Occupation Forces, and they are victimised for their bold stand. Moreover, organisations like PCPI have united in a common platform in asserting our national rights urging for a peaceful resolution of the Assam-India conflict by democratic means. On behalf of my organisation I congratulate all of them on this auspicious day.

We are proud of the five mothers who have added a new dimension to the democratic struggle of our people by resorting to ‘fast unto death’ since 21 March 2007, seeking the whereabouts of those who disappeared in Bhutan while in custody of Indo-Bhutan joint forces, political solution of the Assam-India conflict and the unconditional release of the Nationalist leaders of Assam. We extend our solidarity to these brave mothers and also salute them for their courage and example. We also thank all those who have extended support, directly or indirectly, to this bold historic stance in the process of our national liberation.

Our revolutionary salute to our beloved Advisor Bhim Kanta Burhagohain, Vice-President Pradip Gogoi, Publicity Secretary Mithinga Doimary, Cultural Secretary Pranati Deka, Ramu Mech and Mrinal Hazarika and many others now in Indian jails. We also salute our comrade Anup Chetia with two of his associates now being detained in Bangladesh prisons, and demand their unconditional release.

Our fraternal neighbour Naga people and their organisation NSCN have been helping us within their limits since the inception of our organisation till today. We gratefully thank the comradeship and encouragement we have received from them. Similarly, we thank our Manipuri brothers of the UNLF and RPF with revolutionary salute for their unfailing and continuous help and support for the freedom of the whole region. We also extend our revolutionary greetings to the fraternal KLO and TPDF who have been closely working with us for the common cause of freedom and independence.

We are also grateful to those International Human Rights Organisations, individuals and well wishers for all the help and support they have been giving to the ULFA thus far and would like to request their continued support in taking our struggle to a successful end.

My esteemed people, Indian rulers are trying to malign the ULFA as a ‘terrorist organisation’ for spearheading the struggle for regaining Assam’s Sovereign Independence and thus destroy the confidence you have in it. They are desperately churning out evil propaganda against the ULFA so as to deprive us of any moral support internationally. On the pretext of ‘anti-ULFA drive’ India is conducting a sub-conventional warfare and deliberately committing genocide in Assam. The Indian Occupation Forces have been torturing people in the villages and towns of Assam daily. Over and above these dirty games they are playing up ethnic sentiments to divide and weaken the democratic unarmed movements.

Despite all these subterfuge the freedom fighters of Assam , with or without arms, have been taking the resistance movement forward step by step. The Indian Army’s claim that ‘the ULFA is finished following the war in Bhutan ‘ had to accept now that ULFA is a force to reckon with by declaring unilateral ceasefire on 13 August 2006 for 20. The streets of Assam are echoing with voices from the various organisations, intellectuals and politicians that the peaceful solution on the restoration of Assam’s sovereignty be accepted. This has proven beyond doubt that the ‘Sovereignty restoration’ is the core issue to end the Assam-India conflict. The people of Assam want a peaceful political solution. On this basis from 21 March 2007 , five freedom-fighter mothers have taken to the ultimate democratic means of fast unto death. Over the years people of Assam have resorted to various democratic means to get a solution as per the wishes of the people. But, it is the typical character of the Indian Occupation Forces to ignore any such demands.

What sort of bitter experience makes the people angry is reflected by the action path of these five ladies as if a long suppressed anger has erupted like a volcano! The ‘fast unto death’ resolve has proved the point. The ULFA need not explain what makes a son of the soil an armed fighter. The oppressive action against the democratic movements has said it loud enough.

My fellow citizens, twenty seven years ago at the moment of birth of the United Liberation Front of Asom, the prevailing politico-economic and social situation was analysed in detail and we came to the conclusion that the colonial rule and the exploitation thereof was the main factor in pushing the Assamese nation into oblivion. We also arrived at the realisation that apart from the Assamese people the entire indigenous peoples of the region were facing the same fate under Indian colonial rule. Therefore we realised that all the indigenous peoples need to struggle together and that only a united struggle can achieve victory was evident then and now as well. Whatever the Indian media publishes or the local politicians or intellectuals in the Indian pocket say, the undoubted truth is that the survival of the Assam nation is the core issue in the conflict here. At one pole are the indigenous peoples of Assam and on the other is the Indian colonial rule. This is what we refer to as the Assam-India conflict. Nowhere in the world in an independent State, the survival of an independent Nation is threatened as here in Assam. But, the Assam Literary Guild and the Assam Provincial Assembly finding it difficult to define the term ‘Assamese’ proves how seriously the Assamese indigenous identity has been undermined. When the majority and well established Assamese identity is under threat, how grave would be the threat to other indigenous groups is abundantly clear. These people living in Assam from time immemorial having to fight for survival and getting oppression in return from the authorities that be proves the dire state in totality. The colonial policy of divide, exploit and rule has been put in place across the milieu. The protests against such a deplorable state is also manifested in different forms. The threatened peoples despite their individualistic movements have not been able to get anywhere in the colonial existence to live peacefully, prosper and lead the life they want and the indigenous population has no security of existence, property and their political rights have not been granted. They have become prisoners of doubts, mistrust and conflicts between groups. This state of affairs under the colonial rule is making our nation and other ethnic groups suffer immeasurably. To free ourselves from this suffering we must fight united against our common enemy. This land of Assam is the common habitat for several races and ethnic groups, this land is our common property. No one should lay claim to a specific area exclusively as their own. No one needs to be controlled by another. The answer to permanent peace and progress lies in living together with equal rights and prestige. To achieve this we need a united stand to struggle in unison. The exclusive individual struggles over the last 27 years have distinctly proved that only a united struggle can bring success. Therefore, on this auspicious day I appeal to all the peoples inhabiting in Assam to join the mission for the restoration of Assam ‘s Sovereign independence, with or without arms, or both.

Respected compatriots, history stands proof that Assam is historically an Independent country. Some conspirators with the idea of merging Assamese identity with India are trying to mislead the people that Assam has always been a part of India and that there is no valid justification to claim an independent Assam. I would like you to know that the struggle for independence has been going on Twenty-five days just after the signing of the Treaty of Yandaboo on 24 February 1826. On 20 April 1826. Dhonojoy Gohain and Gomdhor Konwor started the first independence movement against the British. Four years later in 1830 the second independence war was waged under the leadership of Pyolee Phukon. Maniram Dewan was hanged only because he wanted to regain Assam’s independence. The struggle did not end there. More importantly, the united peoples of Assam wanting a Sovereign independent Assam is recorded at the mega assembly at Khasi Darbar Hall held on 21,22 and 23 rd March 1945 where the indigenous peoples from the plains and hills of Assam took a resolution – ” As Assam and her surrounding tribal regions have never been part of India and because the races and ethnic groups especially the tribes of this region racially and culturally are distinct from Indian races, hence, this Assembly strongly believes that Assam and her tribal regions must not be left with either India or Pakistan or any other country at the proposed division, but, made an autonomous region in which the neighbouring hill States be included.”

Gynanath Bora the President of the 1968 session of the Assam Literary Guild in his book “Should Assam stay with India?” commented that ‘being within India, Assam is slipping back. If Assam has to progress and prosper we need to think in terms of establishing an independent Assam.’

In the same vein, in the 1950 session President Ambikagiri Raichoudhuury of the Literary Guild commented, “Assamese need the total freedom to develop with their own philosophy which is impossible with a majority drawn from diverse background.” Late Nibaran Bora who was put behind bars on the 15 August 1947 hours after Indian independence produced facts and arguments in 1978 that the losing of Assamese identity inside India which could not be refuted by India. What an irony that while Assamese women are being raped and murdered in the villages and towns of Assam, ten thousand Assamese progeny has laid down their lives to establish their birthrights, the current President of the Assam Literary Guild is saying, “The Indian constitution has given us the right to live a good life.” ” Assam has been from the ancient time a part of India .” What a servile outlook! One can not kill off the historical rights of independent Assam and it is not possible for India absorb her into oblivion.

Since Indian colonial rule began on 15 August 1947, there is no doubt that the indigenous peoples are facing extinction. It is not only the collective rights of the indigenous peoples over the resources that have been snatched away by Indian colonial rulers; even basic human rights have been denied. One should know that Assam is not seeking Sovereign Independence on mere historical background alone; this is just the historical basis for our sovereign existence. Our struggle encompasses the liberation of our peoples from Indian colonial oppression, persecution and economic exploitation so that we can march ahead towards economic freedom and prosperity as masters of our own destiny. Our peoples should be highly alert on this aspect as the enemy is using disinformation to confuse them.


India is repeatedly saying, “Military action has been launched against the ULFA because of their violent activities”. In reality this is a war launched against the people of Assam. In the past 27 years the occupation army has killed more innocent peoples than killing our cadres. This is the reason we call this a total war conducted by the Indian Occupation Forces. The genocide at Kakopathar-Makum, murdering of peasants at Darrang Dipila Sok, after murdering the family of Uma Gogoi at Sibosagar Mahmora Borbil and then blowing up the house with the dead bodies, murdering of Babul Ingti’s aged parents and his brother at Lokhra of Guwahati, the aged parents of Babul Boro at Boko, the aged parents of Dristi Rajkhowa of Goalpara, the whole family of Mithinga Doimary of Boroma, the brother of martyr Joyonto Talukdar, brother of Sasha Choudhury and Biju Deka, etc. were murdered and none of them were armed and trained ULFA cadres. They have also labelled many other innocents as ULFA cadres after murdering them. To stop any protest from the near and dear ones of the slain, they falsely accuse the dead of possessing arms. The public is also misled by such disinformation and no protest results after such news. Khargeswar Talukadar of Borpeta, the protest marchers at Duliajan, the villagers of Ponkarajabari were not ISI trained armed cadres. But they were shot dead like wild animals. Can any ruler other than an occupation force kill its ‘own people’ like wild animals? Such cruel repressive policy justifies our armed struggle to regain our sovereignty. So long as the Indian State does not agree to resolve the Assam-India conflict politically, there is the need to continue the armed struggle and struggle we must. This is the direct result of repressive Indian colonial policies. Armed struggle does not necessarily mean discarding of unarmed struggle. We use the arms to defend ourselves and the liberation movement from the armed attacks of the fascist Indian power. The aim of our armed struggle is to bring about a peaceful political solution to the conflict. I felt the need to remind our citizens of these events so that they understand how India is conducting an unjust war against the people of Assam . This is the reason behind the conflict turning into a confrontation.

However, on principle the United Liberation Front of Asom desires a peaceful political solution of the Assam-India conflict. As we also desire a political solution, as the entire people of Assam does, we took the initiative to engage a go-between and entrusted the like minded PCG to prepare the ground for ‘direct talks’. We sent our first letter to the Indian Prime Minister on 1 May 2005. On 24 September 2005 the PCG was constituted and sent for the first discussion on 26 October 2005. The second discussion took place on 7 February 2006 and the third on 26th June 2006. As we do not have any conspiracy behind seeking to establish our rights, we wanted to resolve the conflict politically and directly in association with some patriots of Assam. But the Indian Government has been using all efforts to trap the leaders of the United Liberation Front of Asom in accepting the Indian Constitution. We are talking about peaceful resolution of the conflict and India has been insisting on ‘peace negotiation’. There is a wide gap between these two concepts. India wants to negotiate their ‘peace’ with a ‘package of economic development’ while the reality demands a peaceful resolution of the conflict. As we desire a peaceful resolution of the conflict once and for all, we asked for the core issue of restoration Assam’s Sovereignty to be on the agenda. But India deliberately avoided mentioning the core issue and insisted on a discussion on ‘core issues like development…’ India’s senior politician and Educationist Ajij Kuresi has said, “To bring peace to Assam, there is no restriction in the Indian Constitution to discuss Assam ‘s sovereignty restoration.” But the Indian policy makers did not heed such expert opinion and has been repeating what has been said before. This proves that India is not sincere to end the conflict politically. Therefore, we read that the door to a peaceful resolution of the conflict has been closed on the Indian side. But India says the door (to ‘peace negotiation’?) is still open. By such misleading and deceiving statements India ‘s dubious position on conflict resolution is not difficult to gauge. Despite this realisation the oppressed people of Assam has no alternative but to tread all the avenues for a peaceful political resolution of the conflict. We have stated that if India cannot sit for discussion on Sovereignty restoration then let us have a plebiscite under the United Nation’s supervision to decide the issue. We are prepared to accept the verdict of such a plebiscite if India also does the same. In 1991 Macedonia from Slovac Republic, in 1998 East Timor from Indonesia, in 1999 Bougainville from Papua New Guinea gained independence through plebiscite. India should accept this democratic challenge if she has to ride on her accolade as the ‘largest democracy in the world.’

A Sovereign Independent Assam is our birthright. Every patriotic Assamese must remain alert to counter all sorts of tricks and conspiracies to prevent us achieving this right. I call upon each and everyone of our citizens to take part in any possible way you can to bring a successful conclusion to our struggle.

To all the comrades of the ULFA, risking your lives you have overcome many adversities to reach where you are today. You have given courage to the freedom loving people of Assam. Your good work has drawn attention of the world to what ULFA stands for as a political entity and to our rights to a Sovereign Assam. You must remember that the enemy has used our mistakes as weapon to destroy our national struggle. Therefore, you must be ever alert to carry out each mission without any fault. This alertness is the key to advance our struggle to its destined goal. I urge upon you to advance the cause with unparalleled enthusiasm and sacrifice, ever more.

“Let the struggle of the people of Assam grow stronger!”
“Let the chained exploited people of Assam be free!”
“Down with Indian colonial occupation of Assam !”
“Long live the United Liberation Front of Asom!”
“Victory to our motherland, Assam!”

7 April 2007