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Free Arnaldo Otegi, leader of the Basque liberation movement

6. October 2007

Signature campaign

Those of us who sign this document raise the necessity to release Arnaldo Otegi for the reasons exposed next:

1 – We understand that the political interlocution is the basic instrument to maintain the necessary communication to forward alternatives, as well as to debate and negotiate them between the parts involved, in order to be able to articulate the political agreements with which the Basque Country will reach a scene of peace and freedom.

2 – For that reason, we believe that Arnaldo Otegi’s imprisonment is a very serious incident, since he is one of the main interlocutors of the Basque pro-Independence Left and, as it is publicly known he has carried out very important work in the search of a democratic solution to the political conflict that suffers the Basque Country.

3 – Consequently, those of us who subscribe this document forward to the public opinion our rejection to Arnaldo Otegi’s imprisonment for being a political background measure, and at the same time request his release to the pertinent judicial authorities.

To sign: