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Musharraf’s dictatorship is destined to collapse

7. November 2007

CMKP Debunks Draconian Ploy

Karachi: The following statement has been issued by the Central Secretariat of the Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (Communist Workers-Peasants Party) Pakistan on the state of emergency declared throughout Pakistan to save a military dictator:

The Communist Mazdoor-Kissan Party (CMKP) Pakistan first of all condemns the state of emergency imposed in Pakistan, violating the cardinal democratic principles, the underlined nefarious intention of which is just to save military dictator General Pervez Musharraf who had usurped power unconstitutionally by overthrowing the elected Nawaz Sharif government in October 1998. Gen. Musharraf has been ruling the country in violation of the constitution and against democratic practice. He takes himself as the bastion of power and is not prepared to act in accordance with the real spirit of the country’s constitution.

The present state of emergency proclaimed by him is similar to another military takeovers as he failed to address economic and political issues confronting the country. This emergency is actually against his own policy and against himself. Afraid of his political eclipse in view of the legal battle and rising political struggle against him, he has found to escape the wrath of people by declaring state of emergency, flaunting fundamental rights and independence of judiciary as ensured by the 1973 constitution. Curbs on freedom of speech, assembly and smooth function of media, including the forced closer of domestic private TV channels and foreign news TV channels are indication to enslave the society with the ploy of emergency for the rule of a dictator in military uniform. Though not indispensable, Gen. Musharraf thinks himself the only one to deliver goods. His eight years of rule in military uniform belies his self deception, proving once again that military is not capable to handle the political issues rather it helps worsen the situation what has been happening after every military rule in Pakistan.

Gen. Musharraf’s controlled democracy what he had brought into play after the 2002 manipulated general elections to put himself into addle with military backing has proved itself dysfunctional and his emergency is testimony to it. All along he has been ruling the country with the active support of US imperialism. The present imposition of emergency has tacit hidden wire pulling of the United States, which speaks of democracy outwardly without substance. Washington’s anger and threat against emergency are just to mislead the world public opinion. Pro-imperialist military establishment has no will and courage to defy imperialist dictation and cannot withstand imperialist anger and threat. So, US or other imperialist powers’ outburst what we see against state of emergency is just an eyewash. Pakistan’s army has been in league with imperialism since the mid 1950s, and it continues to serve imperialist cause whether under the canopy of ‘containing communism’, ‘Islamic Jihad’ against Soviet invasion of Afghanistan or US ‘War on Islamic militancy and terror’.

The pertinent question is why military interference is regarded necessary by the rulers is civilian matters and democratic issue. The situation conforms to the reality that imperialist-dominated feudal-tribal-military alliance has time and again made its exercise to rule the country with iron hand futile. The latest undemocratic measure further testifies the contention. While taking up political issue of Pakistan, this important element needs to be brought into arena to remove the roadblock to democracy. Democracy is, no doubt, a source of political oxygen for a society, but democracy also needs the total independence and real national sovereignty. One of the reasons for the setback for the democratic dispensation is that Pakistan is totally subservient to imperialist manipulation and domination. This is an obstacle to the attainment of democratic goal. Without struggle against feudal-tribal-military alliance backed by imperialism, democracy would remain a far cry. Thus, it is imperative for anti-imperialist and anti-feudal democratic forces to ponder over the important issue. The CMKP, however, is always ready to play its political role through unified struggle of the democratic forces against undemocratic machination under different garbs. Gen. Musharraf’s latest move to prolong his rule is likely to be the last straw that is to break the proverbial camel back.