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Program for the VI. International Symposium against Isolation

23. November 2007

Brussels, 14th-17th December 2007

The terror of the “Anti-terror War”

Program for the VI. International Symposium against Isolation

14th-17th December 2007
Free University Brussels (ULB)

Friday, 14/12/2007, Room Delvaux

10.00 am: Registrations

11.00 am.: Opening by Anne Morelli (professor in history)

12.00 am: Lunch Break at the cantine

2.00 pm: Antiimperialism and Free Expression
Hisham Bustani (Jordan), As’ad Ali Hasan Hussein (journalist of the magazine Al-Arab Al-Yawm), Elias Letelier (Chilean poet and literary director of the Editorial Poetas Antiimperialistas de Amà©rica), Dogan Özgüden (chief-editor of Info-Turk, Belgium), Representative of the Youth Federation

Moderation: Nadine Rosa-Rosso

4.00 pm: Isolation towards countries and nations through occupation, embargos and sanctions
Mr. Alejandro Fleming, Venezuela’s Ambassador for the EU, Mr. Eduardo Perera, Counsellor of the Cuban Embassy, Palestinian Minister delegation
Moderation: Sandra Bakutz

7.00 pm: Dinner at the cantine

8.00 pm: Interventions by the international delegations and solidarity messages

Saturday, 15/12/2007, Room H22.15

10.00 am: Prisoners of the Empire
Moazzam Begg (ex-prisoner Guantanamo, Britain), Behic Asci (lawyer and death fast veteran, Turkey), Saleh Nazzal (Palestine), Delphine Paci (International Prison Observatory, Belgium), Benoit Van der Meerschen (League for Human Rights, Belgium), Lerzan Tascier (TAYAD, Turkey)
Moderation: Bahar Kimyongür

2.00 pm: Music festival at the auditory P. E. JANSON
Grup Yorum (Turkey)
Nuray-Taner (Turkey)
Hydra (Hip Hop)
Crystal (Latin music)

Interventions from:
Mr. Josy Dubie (Belgian senator)
Mr. Behic Asci (Lawyer, Turkey)

Photo exhibition of political prisoners in Turkey, who are victims of repression
presented by Grazzia Cecchoni und Emmanuela Rubini (journalists who made photographs from the death fasters and their families in Turkey)

Snack at the bar of the auditory

Sunday, 16/12/2007, Room H22.15

10.00 am: Jurists on civil rights and the anti-terror legislation
Jan Fermon (lawyer, Belgium), Sahar Mahdi and Hussein Al Juboory (lawyers Abu Ghraib, Iraq), Mario Joseph (Bureau des Advocats Internationaux, Haiti), Selà§uk Kozaagaà§li (lawyer, Turkey), Flavio Rossi Albertini (lawyer, Italy), Ties Prakken (lawyer, Netherlands), Eberhard Schultz (lawyer Germany)

Moderation: Jean Flinker

12.00 am: Lunch break

2.00 pm: Associations on civil liberties
CLEA (Belgium), OPROR (Denmark), International Forum (Denmark), HÖC (Turkey), CAMPACC (Britain), Cageprisoners (Britain), Political Prisoners Network (Germany), Jean Bricmont (professor at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium), Anatolian Federation (Germany)

Moderation: Michael Boireau

6.00 pm: Unionists against liberty killing laws
Mehmet Karagöz (DISK/Genel-Is, Turkey), Pavlos Antonopoulos (ADEDY, Greece) Kostas Paplomatas and Sotiris Skortziles (DOE, Greece)
Moderation: Thierry Delforge

Monday, 17/12/2007

10.00 am: Press conference at the League for Human Rights

International Platform against Isolation (IPAI),
Committee for the Freedom of Expression and Association (CLEA)
with support of BEA (students representation at the ULB)