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Demo in Nazareth against the siege on Gaza

2. January 2008

Promoters: Islamic Movement, National Democratic Assembly, Abnaa elBalad

“Together we will break the siege”
Invitation to Demonstrate Against the criminal siege of the Gaza Strip

The Anti-imperialist Camp gives it full support for this important initiative taken by the organisations of the native Arab inhabitants of Palestine robbed by the Zionists in 1948. It is at the same time brave given the ferocious repression by the Israeli state against the liberation movement both within the 48 Palestine and the 67 Palestine:

The Coalition against the Siege, with the participation of the Islamic Movement (Northern and Southern), the National Democratic Assembly (al-Tajamu’) and Abnaa elBalad, call for a mass demonstration in the city of Nazareth on Saturday 5.1.2008. The participants are called to gather in “Sahat elEin” (el’ein square) at 14:30, and than to march through the city’s main street.

Transportation from Haifa:
The Haifa bus will depart at 13:00 in front of “El-Midan” theatre (Ha-Nevi’im tower) and at 13:15 from Halissa

Click here to view report on the website of the PFLP.