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Boost Global Intifadah Against Barbaric Age!

Message of Özgür Der, Turkey, to the conference of the Anti-imperialist Camp

5. February 2008

World and humanity is going through hard times. Never in history as much eatables produced as today, but at the same time never ever in history as much people starved as today.

History never seen as more communication possibilities throughout the globe as today and at the same time people in history have never starved of loneliness as today. There was no chance ever in history for humanity to fully globalise their good deeds as today, but at the same time brutality and tyranny never widened as today. Of course there always be thieves in history but history never seen such cruel thieves earning billions of dolars at once, stealing the future of millions and millions of people only at one night by a so called “market crisis”. History never seen as such a strong army industry as today. History never seen such brutal and bloody wars as in the modern age; even at the times of Mongols and barbaric ages of Europe.

Iraq, say it Babel where the first written documents of human race had been created, the first alphabet had been invented is being bombed, is under direct occupation and aggression of US empire and its collaborator western imperialist powers. Afghanistan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia and much more countries with hundreds of US military bases are under direct occupation of western imperialism. And they are threatening Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Sudan, Palestine, Korea and so on. They want to take over our last castles and want to make the most brutal empire of history the only dominant power throughout the globe. Fear and confusion is widening throughout peoples. By their dogmatic positivist academy, by their brain-washing media, by their alcohol-drugs used to numb people’s minds, by their decaying modern ideologies and by their CIA supported think-thanks a huge psychological war is on like storm. They call freedom fighters “terrorist”, Chavez and Ahmedinejad “insane”. They call Nazist Zionism “democracy”, they call occupations “operation freedom”, they call capitalist stealing “free market”, they call Muslims of the west “terrorists inside”, they call socialists “mad man”, they call Islam which even its name means peace as “combatant religion”, they call the third world people “barbaric peoples” and they act free people as “slaves”. They are trying harder and harder to make us surrender and force us to accept submission against the brutal and strongest power of human history.

Resistance is Hope; Intifadah Resurrects Hope!

But still there is hope! Because there is still resistance! Resistance is and will be our hope! There is hope because a handful weak, poor and out of gun Palestinian people is refusing to surrender to Zionism with one of the strongest armies of the globe! There is hope because a handful Afghan Mujahideen is in a strict refusal to surrender to the empire and actually they are finishing NATO, one of evil pacts. There is hope because despite traitor and collaborator so called leaders like Abbas, King Abdullah, Musharraf, Karimov, King Abdullah of Jordan, Mubarak, Bourguiba, Merkel, Sarkozy and so on, the soul of intidafah is widening inside peoples of all the globe. Despite their lies and psychological war campaigns against resistance fighters, as days pass more and more people understands and give their full respect to glorious fighters of Intifadah. This is why still hope is on!

We have to give a shoulder, support and act on the behalf of this resistance wherever we are. No matter we are at the west of at the east; no matter we are Arab or Norwegian; no matter we are workers at Silicon Valley or we are Indian farmers. As we work harder hope and the soul of resistance is spreading around the globe.

There is a Huge Resistance but Divided!

But there is still a huge problem. Despite it widespreadness, opposition against this barbaric age is fiercely divided. But it is not possible to reach salvation on only our own against the globalised barbarism. It is possible only if we will be able to unite and confront as a single piece against the evil empire, the imperialist new world order.

If they have strong treaties we should build much more determined alliances. If they are globalising capitalist western economy we should spread fraternity and sharing throughout the globe. If they invent and widespread ideologies like “globalisation”, like “war on terror”; we should make propaganda of our own opposite slogans. If they are building allied forces combined from tens of countries armies to occupy lands of people, we should build much more strict resistance blocs. If they have brain-washing media and stage politics; we should globalise street politics, make mass demonstrations and build real politics alliances based on streets around the globe.

We should reach and build understanding bridges between opposition forces; we should globalise activist networks from IT workers to European Muslim minorities, from Gaza to local activists of Vancouver, from suburbs of Somalia to poor people of Harlem, from oppressed Kurdish people of Turkey to mine workers of Nigeria, from EZLN of Mexico to MNLF of Philippines, from HAMAS to European left, from Venezuela to Iran.

Capitalism survives by dividing the society. Capitalist modernity divides social units like family, associations, communities, activist unities into “individuals”. As the famous capitalist motto says capitalism is trying to make us little fishes so the big fish can eat us easily. Huge psychological war machine of the empire is trying to divide and barricade the opposition forces from gathering. They want to make European left enemy to Muslim mujahedeens, Americans enemy to middle Easterns, Btselem enemy to Hizbollah, black activists enemy to Jews oriented American left, Chavez enemy to Bolivians, Iran enemy to Arabs, Arabs enemy to Turks, Russian left enemy to Iran. Tens of thousands of man at thousands of think-thanks are working to accomplish this goal even now, at this second.

We should resist against the dividing tendency of the new world order. We should be aware of not being a little fish!

Through a Global Build United Opposition Front against Empire!

Confronting to this global situation the Anti-imperialist Camp shows a good example for solidarity between opposition forces. Anti Imperialist Camp supports Islamic resistance of Palestinian people, insists on “Hands off Iran” campaign, try to build understanding and dialogue with Islamic opposition movements. In difference to many activist organisations and leftists of the West the Anti-imperialist is not insensitive to middle east, to Iran, to Islamic resistance of HAMAS and Hizbollah. You also try to connect all opposition forces round the globe and build understanding bridges between.

We as Muslims of Ozgur-Der send our greetings to this efforts of Anti Imperialist Camp. Our religion wants and orders us to make solidarity with the opposition forces against actual evil and with the people who turns their face to virtues of humanity.

We should work harder to build a global front, a united opposition camp against capitalism, against brutalism, against occupation, against global war industry, against despotic modernisation compulsions on peoples of the third world, against dogmatic positivism, against Nazist Zionism, against classic and indirect types of imperialism.

To Regain Our Self Confidence, To Re-Believe the Revolution!

We always said: Another world is possible. We should re-believe to this today much more. This is not just a politic slogan. Another world is possible and a must because humanity have the power to beat this evil empire, pass through this barbaric age. Our creator put this power, this innate ability inside us. We should have a full self confidence. We must believe we are right, we turn our faces to human nature which includes goodness, fraternity, virtue, to help each other, to resist against the evil, to live for worthy things.

Occupators, capitalists, Zionists, torturers, mischief-maker secret agencies, global powers, war industry are not and will never ever win! All the things turn soon or late to its origins. They are fighting against humanity, against the innate nature of humanity. Which ever a power could beat all the nature of mankind, all the good deeds? All the evil forces are swimming contrary of the flowing water. And we are fighting for the nature of human race, for the superiority of natural law, for the goodness, on the behalf of the things the first human societies tens of thousands of years ago had been fighting for.

We are on the behalf of the good and they are on the front of evil. That’s why despite its excessive power Zionism is being beaten against a group of forced, poor, out of gun, captived people called “Islamic resistance of Palestinian People”. That’s why despite it’s the strongest war machine of the complete history US occupation army is loosing ground and being beaten against a handful man, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even they seem as gaining power they are loosing, they are decaying morally and practically.

Despite our sacrifices, despite our mistakes, despite mind confusions, despite our weakness we are winning! And despite their power, their strongest war machines of the history, their huge economic mechanism, despite their industrial revolution, their huge secret agencies, their Echellon, their satellites and all their technological superiorities and despite their brain washed crowds barbarism is being beaten.

Today we must say louder and louder again: Long live Global Intifadah! This is the strongest slogan for a global united opposition front. Intifadah is showing the humanity of today the way of how humanity never dies!

With these thoughts we sent our greetings to the strategic Vienna conference of Anti-Imperialist Camp. Our comrades are sorry for not being there with you to share your consultations. But our hearts are with you there and with all the virtuous people of the world against the oppressors.

We hope your consultations and discussions for strengthening the struggle will lead good deeds.

Long live global intifadah! Long live dignity of the humanity against brutal 21th century!

Long live resistances of Afghanistan, Iraq, Venezuela, Iran, Somalia, Lebanon, Palestine!

2th of February 2008

Ozgur-Der / Turkey
(Free Thought and Educational Rights Association)