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We Condemn the Colonial Sanctions Against Iran

5. March 2008
Iranian-American Community (IACUS)

The Iranian-American Community (IACUS) strongly condemns the new round of the US-dominated UN Security Council sanctions against the people of Iran. We consider these sanctions imperialist efforts aimed at pressuring the Iranian government to submit to the will of the Western Neo-Liberal rule. They are also a futile attempt to deny the Iranian people the technology that would further pave the way towards their independence and sovereignty.

This is not the first time the colonial powers have been attempting to keep the oil-rich Iran poor and dependent. In the early part of the 19th century, when the Iranian people attempted to bring the railroad to the country, they were denied that by the colonial powers. Despite their opposition, when World War II broke out and the Allied forces invaded Iran, they found the railroad quite useful, but when the people communicated their desire to bring the steel industry to Iran, time and again they were told Iran did not need the steel industry. Iran’s steel industry project was time and again turned down by the World Bank and other Western institutions and governments. It was only decades later, in 1965 when the Iranians were able to establish the steel plant in Esfahan with the assistance of the Soviet Union.

Despite such conspiracies, the people of Iran were able to achieve their goals and ambitions. Today, just as in the past, imperialist governments of the United States, Britain, France, and Germany continue to conspire against the people of Iran, still trying to keep us poor and dependent, but the sun has set on the British and other empires, and the people of the Middle East, South America, Africa, and elsewhere are all standing up to the rule of colonialism.

Time will show the world that the imperialist sanctions will not work, and the Iranian people shall overcome.