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Let Gaza speak

9. May 2008

National conference of the Italian "Gaza must live" committee to end the embargo

Turin, Saturday May 10th, 10am to 2pm
Dar al-Hikma Italian-Arab Center
Via Fiocchetto 15 (Porta Palazzo zone)

With the intervention of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, in live broadcast from Gaza

– To listen to the voices of those who suffer everyday under the oppression
– To learn about the situation in Gaza, a true lager of the 21th century
– To understand the reasons of the Palestinian resistance
– To denounce the takeover against the legitimate winners of the January 2006 elections
– To carry on the struggle against the genocidal embargo

For all of these reasons, to remember the 60th anniversary of the Nakba, to protest against the International Book Fair dedicated to Israel we will meet in Turin on Saturday May 10th.
We adhere to every initiative of protest against the Book Fair, but we want the situation in Gaza to be the center of the mobilization.

The embargo, the slow genocide that is going on, is indeed the biggest charge against both the Zionist state and those people in Italy who state everyday their thorough support to the Israeli criminals.

Deciding to dedicate the fair to Israel was a clear political and ideological operation. Let’s turn it over against them, starting by the denunciation of the crimes this state is carrying out.
Let’s start answering from Turin – which is twinned with Gaza – to politics which are deaf towards the oppressed and servile with the oppressors.

Main speakers:
Ismail Haniya, Palestinian Prime Minister, in live broadcast from Gaza
Jamal Elkoudary, Palestinian MP and President of the Popupar Committee Against Siege in Gaza
Giulietto Chiesa, journalist and European MP
Gianni Vattimo, philosopher

Leonardo Mazzei and Angela Lano

Further participants:
Ugo Giannangeli – Gaza Vivrà  (Gaza must live)
Mohammad Hannoun – ABSPP (Solidarity Welfare Association for the Palestinian People)
Alberto Tradardi – ISM Italia (International Solidarity Movement)
Maria Grazia Ardizzone – Anti-Imperialist Camp
Hamza Piccardo – EMN (European Muslim Network)
Vainer Burani – Association of Democratic Jurists

Gaza Vivrà  (Gaza Must Live) Committee
ABSPP (Solidarity Welfare Association for the Palestinian People)
Soccorso Popolare, Padova – Fondazione Luigi Cipriani – Campo Antimperialista – ISM Italia (International Solidarity Movement – Italia) – Collettivo Iqbal Masih, Lecce – Associazione Juthur – Laboratorio Marxista – Associazione Zaatar – Antonia Sani, presidente WILPF (Women’s Intern. League for Peace and Freedom) – Legittima Difesa – Lupo, Osimo (AN) – Gp Caav (Gruppo promotore Coord. Antimperialista Antifascista Alto Vicentino) – Comunità  Proletarie Resistenti

After the meeting Gaza Vivrà /Gaza Must Live Committee joins and participates at the march against the Book Fair scheduled for 3pm from Corso Marconi.