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Afghan popular resistance broader than Taliban

20. September 2008

Message from Afghanistan to German mobilisations against the military presence on September 20, 2008

To the brave Anti War Campaigners
To the Anti Militarization Demonstrators in Germany

Dear comrades and friends,

Please accept our heartily greetings and friendly salute from Afghanistan, a country under barbaric US/NATO military occupation.

Your brave anti war campaign and your strong anti occupation and militarization demonstrations in Germany give energy and hope to our popular anti occupation resistance in Afghanistan.

We know that the German government does not represent the will and desire of the German citizens but wants to please US imperialism by playing an important military role in Afghanistan. These actions of the so-called democratic countries like Germany, France, Canada, Italy… revealed the truth that in spite of – according to the recent surveys – the majority’s opposition the governments of these countries are not ready to listen their people’s call for the withdrawal of their troops and to stop funding the war. It means that the ruling governments prefer to safeguard the interests of their parties and US imperialism’s hegemony rather than the benefit of their own people.

Because of the historical mistakes of Democrats and Republican in the USA regarding the foreign policy, nowadays the people in America and in general in the West are suffering from its shocking result as they cannot feel safe anymore outside their home countries. Originally Germany enjoyed a good reputation in these regions where the flames of hate and revenge flare high. But as you followed the track of the invaders and helped to erect the occupation regime you are faced as well with the powerful storm of people’s resistances. Of course your country will gain the hate and enmity of the oppressed and will suffer strikes directed against US/NATO targets.

Germany’s and its bloodthirsty partners’ objectives in Afghanistan are not hidden from the eyes of the people of Afghanistan and our people will not be deceived anymore by their colourful promises and “peace mission”!

We know under their occupation the narcotic production and business increased 70-80% in comparison with the time of Taliban and the graph of corruption and crimes is unique the history of Afghanistan. The so-called PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Teams) just have been involving in spying activities and follow the military objectives. From time to time they also execute some construction projects with low quality to deceive people.

The presence of all the NATO troops in Afghanistan including the German ones is completely illegal and against the will of our people as well as international laws. Even the Karzai puppet regime cabinet plus the parliament and senate of Afghanistan openly demanded that the presence of foreign troops must be made legally.

In addition to our innocent people’s pain and trouble, even the puppet regime’s tolerance ended. Some members of the parliament and senate dare to disclose the crimes of US/NATO in Afghanistan and call the “International Security Assistance Forces” occupiers.

Thus, the heavy military operation and killing of hundreds of civilians caused to push the people to stand up and resist.

Counter to the imperialist media and propaganda, resistance in Afghanistan is not limited to the Taliban. This anti occupation resistance in fact possesses a popular and country wide character.

The Taliban are not in the position to lead the whole resistance in Afghanistan. To be honest, they have no control even upon their own forces. On the other hand due to their dark background, the domination of the Taliban is not acceptable for other nationalist, patriotic, religious and left forces in the resistance. A point which is very clear is that there is very little chance for the Taliban to come into power once again. It depends on an agreement with US imperialism. As the experiences show whenever forces even very dark ones as the Taliban and the Northern Alliance serve US imperialism, it can bring them to power. They will have no problem with their record. But whenever imperialist interest is touched they become “terrorists” and are toppled.

The Radical and Revolutionary Left Forces in Afghanistan by having precious struggle experiences from the Resistance War against Soviet Union will not let themselves be victimized for the sake of any reactionary force in the resistance. By the gaining of trust and support of nationalist, patriotic and war victim forces and influence among the masses in urban and rural areas, they have been trying to keep their complete independency in the resistance. We believe in that it is our natural right to defend our country and oppose the puppet regime and its foreign masters. During this struggle we are sure that we will get the unlimited support of our people and the people around the world like Germans.

The anti occupation resistance in Afghanistan is a rising one which is composed of all nationalities and people of Afghanistan. As long as the occupation forces of US/NATO are present in Afghanistan and continue to kill, bombard and imprison our people there will be a daily growth of the resistance and the enemy will be digging its grave in Afghanistan.

We call up on all anti war and anti militarization demonstrators to persist on their legal and rightous demands and do not let the Government sacrifice your children for the implementation of US agenda in Afghanistan.

– Complete withdrawal of US/NATO troops from Afghanistan!
– Immediate stop of barbaric air strikes and killing of civilians!
– Immediate release of all anti occupation political prisoners from the US/NATO and Karzai jails!
– Long live anti occupation resistance in Afghanistan!
– Long live solidarity between the people of Germany and Afghanistan against the war and occupation!

Hanifullah Hanif
Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
Kabul- Afghanistan