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Deploying more troops to Afghanistan will cause more disasters for Afghans and Americans

7. December 2009

Declaration of the Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
The tragic and barbarous war machine of US/NATO in Afghanistan continues to be fed by the blood of the Afghan people and of the troops of imperialist countries present in Afghanistan.

According to surveys conducted in US, Canada, Europe and rest of the involved countries in the Afghanistan war, the majority of their people oppose the war and presence of their troops in the disastrous mission in Afghanistan. Only a small minority in power support the war and the bloody tragedy and are seeking to promote their dirty interests by looting, killing and the destruction of other nations, as well as victimizing their own countrymen as solders and financial resources through their tax payments.

The same story is with Afghanistan. It is only the corrupt high ranked authorities, warlords, war criminals and mafia groups in Afghanistan who have been crying for more and more support and forces from their imperialist masters to protect their illegally collected money and capital. The corrupt and criminal mafia regime installed by US/NATO in Kabul have a parasitic life that totally depends on presence of invaded troops of US/NATO. They have enriched themselves incredibly within last eight years of the occupation.

The majority of Afghan citizens — especially since 2005 — seriously oppose the US/NATO wild mission and their presence in Afghanistan. They believe that the existence of such cruel and uncivilized troops in Afghanistan not only has not improved security and essential life requirements in Afghanistan but also has deteriorated stability and destroyed infrastructure as a whole.

The colorful promises and the dream of making Afghanistan a paradise soon showed its fraudulent nature, and the people no longer trust in their sweet slogans such as "Democracy, Peace, Human Rights and reconstruction". The people of Afghanistan during last eight years against US/NATO have demanded democracy, but they have received barbarism. They have asked for "peace," but instead they got insecurity and war. They have demanded "human rights," but instead they obtained the killing of innocent children and women, imprisoning and torturing. Instead of "reconstruction," they have experienced bombardments and the destruction of villages and properties.

So, in spite of being around 100,000 US/NATO troops and 200,000 of Afghan Army and Police, this has not resulted in any good achievement. The recent demand for the sending of more 40,000 US troops and possibly 5,000 more European soldiers to give shoulder to the war in Afghanistan will certainly make them disappointed too.

The imperialist countries due to their plundering and greedy character have now been attempting to expand the war to other regions to insure their strategic interest despite creating a human tragedy, more victims and shedding the blood of millions people. The plundering imperialists are ready to shed 5 gallons of blood against one gallon oil. The fresh forces of US/NATO will be camped in the borders of Afghanistan with Pakistan, Iran and central Asia or will be replaced with their forces in these areas. In fact the likely additional 45,000 forces of US/NATO are prepared to take part in the war in Pakistan not in Afghanistan.

War and instability already have expanded to Pakistan, and there are regular military operations by air and ground forces of US/NATO against the resistance forces outside the borders of Afghanistan in the territory of Pakistan. The hostility position of US against Iran which has been attempting to be one of atomic power in the region will lead from diplomatic tension and dispute to military assault.

The new waves of resistance in North of Afghanistan could be a proper opportunity for US and NATO on the pretext of suppression of rebels will set their more troops in the North of Afghanistan in the borders with Central Asian countries to pave the way for direct interference and destabilizing these countries.

Thus, the Obama administration not only does not seem to reduce the tensions and warmonger policy around the world but also is following the exact footpath of G.W.Bush who led closer the US government to sooner degeneration. Of course this dangerous game and world war strategy of US government which already has led the government and people of America to military, economic and social crisis will cause the anger and uprising of its citizens, youth and workers.

Occupier troops and Afghan Army and police

Since the occupation of Afghanistan and the establishment of the Karzai puppet regime, US imperialism and their European allies agreed to make "Afghan National Army" and "Afghan National Police" to boost the military position of their mercenary government in Afghanistan. They first fired all the previous professional and higher educated officers of police and army who were trained by Soviet Unions in 80s but instead of them they employed economically compelled new personnel for army and police and gave them short term trainings.

The behavior of US/NATO trainers against their Afghan trainees is like the relation between a slave and a master. They never respect the tradition and dignity of their trainees and always use them as shields in the front line of battle while having no appropriate weapons and equipments as foreign troops. The number of Afghan army and police causalities is 90% higher than US/NATO troops. On the other hand there is no coordination and confidence between the Afghan police-army and the foreign forces. There were many clashes among the Afghan police-army and foreign forces and bombardment of Afghan police and army by US/NATO aircrafts.

The recent proof of a confidence crisis among the puppet regime and occupier forces appeared on 19 November 2009 on the occasion of Karzai swearing ceremony as president for second round when instead of Afghan police and army organising the security of the Kabul airport and presidential palace, these were insured by occupier troops.

Since 2002 there has been a surge on training and equipment of Afghan National Army and National Police but in fact the "international community" is not honest about their commitment regarding Afghanistan. The fund they allocated to Afghan Army and Police is less than the annual cost of 50 US soldiers in Afghanistan war. They are engaged in some symbolic activities to deceive the people of Afghanistan and their own people.

The quality and quantity of international community (US/NATO imperialist countries) assistance during last eight years to Afghan government and its police and army can easily be understood from the two weeks’ ago expression of Mr. Gordon Brow UK Prime Minister who in defense of their troops in Afghan war, said that if they (US and NATO) withdraw their troops from Afghanistan the Afghan police and army are not in the position to resist and the government of Afghanistan will collapse within hours!

Thus, if their assistance after eight years cannot give a hand to the Afghan government to defend itself against the popular resistance then how long will the Afghan government and the people of American and Europe have to wait till the plundering strategy of their invaded countries touch their target? So, it is not very doubtable if the UK announces their military mission and presence in Afghanistan for 40 years and US for an unknown period while the annual expense of their single soldier is more than 500,000 dollars!

However the people of Afghanistan would like to remind the Prime Minister G .Brown and President Obama some pages of history of Britain Empire and ex Soviet Union defeats in Afghanistan. They could dream staying for 40 or 80 years in Afghanistan but the people of Afghanistan will awake them soon and will not tolerate their occupier troops in Afghanistan for few years more.

It’s obvious for all that the imperialist countries’ troops never play an angel’s role in other countries as well as the people of Afghanistan realized this fact that existence of invading troops will not make Afghanistan heaven for them or put in risk the life of their troops for the sake of other nations. It is something that except the opposition but even President Karzai too declared this point.

The people of Afghanistan recognize the US/NATO troops as invading and occupier troops who have been advancing barbarous mission in Afghanistan and possibly in the region. They will be not be offered hospitality. Because they are not alone, they are sure about support and solidarity of world youth and workers from their fair and legal resistance against US/NATO imperialists in Afghanistan.

The people in USA and Europe will not tolerate more casualties of their sons and payment for the dirty and endless war around the world. Only the joint struggle of oppressed people, workers and youth in occupied and imperialist countries can guarantee the victory of people and collapse of imperialism worldwide.

The defeat and set back of US/NATO in Afghanistan will certainly pave the way for the degeneration of them in their home countries and final victory of youth, workers and oppressed which will put an end point to all wars, human disasters, violation, exploitation and poverty on the earth.

28 November 2009-Afghanistan