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Stop the aggression against Iran!


22. March 2010

Denuclearize all of Middle-East! Stop the siege on Gaza and the martyrdom of the Palestinian people!


Since G. W. Bush has labeled Iran a “rogue state”, a brutal campaign of demonization against this country with a multimillenial history and its government is going on; it is a campaign based on lies which is clearly meant to clear the way for military aggression.

We all remember how the war on Iraq was prepared. As the sanctions and the embargo caused half a million deaths (mainly children, because of the lack of medecine, milk and necessary goods), Iraq was accused to store “weapons of mass destruction”. How can we forget the great play-acting through which Colin Powell, in order to justify what was going to be the biggest massacre after Vietnam, went as far as deceiving the UN Assembly by showing the famous “smoking gun”?

The United States, which defend their global supremacy with thousands and thousands of nuclear warheads and the most imposing war machine of all times, justify the sanctions to impose on Iran and the possible military attack saying that the Islamic Republic is trying to build the atomic bomb in order to be able to attack Israel. This accusation is disdainfully rejected by Teheran, and in any case the White House keeps using a double standard: it is indeed a well-known fact that Israel owns hundreds of nuclear warheads, many of which are pointing towards Iran and every one of which could raze Teheran to the ground.

The professed enemies of Iran (Israel and the United States first, followed by the European Union), in an attempt to fool the public opinion and unite their internal front, are wearing their usual mask as defenders of freedom, democracy and non-violence. In particular they blame the Iranian government for the harsh repression of the protests. The undersigned do not like dictatorships, nor the suspension of freedom rights, wherever this may happen; but before giving democracy lessons, the enemies of Iran should put an end to the state of siege and the military threat to which they subject this country, considering that war, as history teaches, is the bigger obstacle to freedom. In any case, countries the armies of which commit massacres in Afghanistan or Palestine, which support coups to overthrow hostile governments (Honduras), which do not hesitate to resort to terrorist attacks and targeted assassinations of political representatives or scientists considered as dangerous, such countries cannot set themselves up as champions of the human rights.

As the war threats escalate, we express our disdain for the statements made by Berlusconi during his visit to Israel. Not only did he justify the indiscriminate massacres against the Palestinians in Ghaza, and not only did he defend the racist and segregationist idea of Israel as a purely Jewish state (with the virtual exclusion of its Arab population from the political rights).

Trampling on the peaceful sentiments of the Italian people and prejudicing the very national interests, Berlusconi assured the Israelis that Italy will stop its economical relationship with Teheran and will actively support the request for severe sanctions. In other words Berlusconi gave a helping hend to the Israeli hawks, who are ready, once they obtain Obama’s green light, to unleash a devastating bombardment on Iran, without ruling out the recourse to the atomic weapon.

It is necessary to stop the anti-Iranian escalation and dismantle the Israeli atomic arsenal to denuclearize the Middle-East.

The Israeli siege on Ghaza must end and the Palestinian people must finally see their rights recognized.

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