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Peace for Afghanistan – International Conference Rome

The Resistance against occupation is legitimate

8. April 2010

In October 2001, in name of the anti-terror and anti-Islamic crusade, the United States, after having obtained a shameful authorization from the Security Council of the United Nations, attacked Afghanistan and occupied the country.


The Taliban regime has been overthrown both because of its enormous inferiority in comparison to its aggressors and due to the fact that they did neither allow political nor cultural dissent.

After two decades of sufferings, many Afghans wanted to believe the promises of their aggressors: they hoped that the Americans could bring wellness, peace and freedom.
Notables, intellectuals, petty politicians and Ulema, jumped on the bandwagon, joining the court of the puppet Karzai. Among them there were also some war lords, narcotic traffickers, criminals who had committed severe crimes against their own people.

After few time, the people of Afghanistan understood the big imperialist trick. Large amounts of money coming in to the country were pocketed by the new parasites, finishing on western bank accounts, with NGOs and collaborationists or serving to finance foreigners companies devoted to the robbery of the national resources.

The living conditions of the majority of the people in Kabul and in the countryside became worse than before, while the occupying soldiers behaved themselves in an arrogant and racist way and Karzai´s government, afflicted by profound corruption, dismantled again the few civil rights it had conceded at the beginning.

In these conditions, even if striving for peace, to the Afghan people was nothing left than to follow the way of resistance.

Against the first outbursts of resistance, the occupying forces used their iron fist, killing innocent people, imprisoning thousands of Afghans under inhuman conditions, indiscriminately bombing villages.

They were convinced that they could submit by terror the resolute Afghan people. They obtained the opposite effect. Year after year the resistance gained consent and increased its fighting capacities, inflicting increasing losses to US and NATO occupiers and Karzai´s troops.

The imperialist forces, prisoner of their own arrogance, responded in the only way they know: intensifying the war in the attempt to smash the popular resistance. But in this way they only contributed to the destabilisation of the whole region, leading Pakistan to the edge of a civil war.

Obama, indifferent to the opinion of US and European citizens, followed Bush warmonger’s footsteps. Obama is following three action lines: on the one side using more and more sophisticated and deadly arms and increasing the number of the troops; on the second side abstract the resistance into Taliban while dividing them (recruiting and corrupting the “good” Taliban and opposing them to the “bad” ones); on the third side, under pretext of targeting terrorist original bases, disseminate war in Pakistan to pave the way for complete occupation.

US/NATO aggressors by concentration their forces in the South/East of Afghanistan mostly Pashton residences, give a message to other non Pashton nationalities that they are only Pashton who are hindrance in front of stability and reconstruction, to fan the fire between the Pashton and non Pashton as they did in Iraq between Shia and Sunni.

We have to reject this triple strategy and their all tricks. We have to refuse an increase of the troops in Afghanistan, oppose the attempts to provoke a civil war (a strategy which has been successfully used in Iraq) and affirm that resistance is not terrorism and it is not being carried on only by the Taliban. Resistance is a legitimate form of liberation struggle and in Afghanistan it is lead by thousands of partisans who can oppose the occupiers because they enjoy strong and wide spread support among many strata of the population, regardless of their nationality or religious faith.

It is therefore necessary that we fight for a just solution of the conflict, and no just solution will be possible until all the occupying troops have withdrawn from Afghanistan and Karzai´s government has left together with its masters, giving back to the Afghan people the right to decide of their own future.

Stop the bombing and massacre of the innocents!
Stop torture and the violation of human rights in awful prisons!
Freedom for all imprisoned patriots!
Indemnify all victims of occupation and of the brutalities committed by the occupiers!
Recognise the Resistance as a legitimate national liberation struggle!
Recognise the Afghan patriots as legitimate fighters and not as terrorists!
Withdraw immediately US and NATO occupying troops from Afghanistan!
No more occupying troops, not even UN troops!
Charge G. W. Bush for his war crimes!
For the right to self-determination of all oppressed people and of Afghanistan!

For all these reasons we invite whoever shares the spirit of this appeal to participate in the international conference “Peace for Afghanistan” which will be held in Rome before the end of 2010.

International promoter committee
Left Radical of Afghanistan
Afghanistan Socialist Association
Radical Revolutionary Youth of Afghanistan
Anti Imperialist Front (AIF) Pakistan
Pakistan Mazdoor Kissan Party – Pakistan
International Socialists – Pakistan
Awami Muzhaimat – Pakistan
Workers Party – Pakistan
G.N. Saibaba, Revolutionary Democratic Front – India
Özgür Der – Turkey
International Action Center – USA
Anti-imperialist Camp – Europe


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