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Karzai’s dissonance with Washington and the electoral law

23. April 2010
by Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

The last presidential election in September 2009 was so fraudulent and a mockery that the UN, Obama, EU and opposition to Karzai, all of them blamed each other for that disgrace. By this template of election they proved the real nature of their restored democracy in Afghanistan.

The recent speech of Karzai about the intervention of US, UN and EU in the “home affairs” and election process of Afghanistan was not something incident. In fact it was not something new for the people of Afghanistan and the world. But it was shocking news for his lords as he dared to present himself as an independent president.

The “Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan” and “Electoral Complaints Commission” were never recognized independent and fair by the people of Afghanistan since their establishment and following their missions. As their funds and resources are coming from specific foreign sources they had to obey their orders and implement their plans accordingly. The US and EU provided budget for the elections, employed the election’s key staff, influenced the draft and improvement of the election law, allowed and removed names from the list of candidates, launched the election awareness campaign, started and monitored the election process, made fraud/deception and committed violation, filled the boxes and then sealed them and kept them for long time, counted the ballots and announced the results, finally raised complaints and then jugged the complaints. In a word they were at the very same time both the builder and destructor and their media cover their boring game from start to end. So, everything were carried out in front of the eyes of US/NATO observes and their international and local staff, then the responsibility for fraud and violation exchanged to different sides and at the end, despite the complaints, nobody was indicted and punished for the abuses.

The recent changes in structure and staff of the Election Commission of Afghanistan and Complaint Commission exposed a truth of disqualification of US/NATO trained staff after 9 years and failed attempts to “prevent the next disaster in coming parliamentary election”.

Karzai in order to pretend himself as a real independent present with full authority, amended the election law and refer it to the parliament for approval but the parliament, which is mainly dominated by warlords and war criminals, rejected the law as a whole. The parliament, which played no effective role during last five years and was drown into corruption, thinks to take some “bold” action to comfort their supporters and win the “heart and mind” of people for the next rounds of elections.

Karzai and the parliament of Afghanistan have been competing to bring themselves close to the US imperialism to win its compassion and blessing to keep them on their seats. The representatives of Karzai, collaborative opposition and MPs, all have been knocking the door of the US embassy in Kabul to convince them to recognise the as the most loyal and tamped dogs for US in Afghanistan!

The puppet Karzai and members in parliament never represented the people of Afghanistan because according to their own saying they open their way to parliament and president palace not through the fair and free election but a fraudulent and corrupt one. They can accuse each other violating the constitution and “traitor to national interest” but the people of Afghanistan count both of them the government and constitutional assembly as historical traitors and slaves of the imperialists. The reaction of the people of Afghanistan towards such kind of artificial conflicts is cool and they never calculate this inconsistency as serious as reflected in capitalist media.

Any changes and reforms in the election commission and election law under the shadow of occupation and imperialist presence will be dealt as products of invader imperialists and naked excuse to deceive our people once again. Any election either for presidential or for parliament under occupation will be not free and fair and the winners will possess no legitimacy before the people of Afghanistan.

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

18-04-2010, Afghanistan