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Peace negotiations or failed attempts of US and Karzai regime?

23. April 2010
by Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

These days peace negotiations with the armed opposition are a burning issue both in Afghanistan as well as in the US and NATO member countries. Though they speak about peace and political initiatives they are pouring in more troops and escalating huge military cleansing operations especially in Marja of Helmand in Kandahar and North of Afghanistan.

The US and NATO leaders continue to play a game with their armed rivals. They believe to drag the rebels to the peace table by force and undermine their demands and peace conditions prior to the negotiations. Nobody trusts in each other and does no dare to disclose the place of the talks and identity of the involved delegates. Usually both of them prefer to deny it.

The anti occupation resistance in Afghanistan is not limited to Hezbe Islami (Hekmatyar’s Party) or Taliban. It is a popular resistance without particular leadership or organization. The Islamic Party of Hekmatyar and some collaborative Taliban have their own registered parties and representatives in the puppet regime of Karzai as ministers, governors, MPs, Commanders, Advisors/consultants since 2004-5. They are supporting the whole political process from inside. The endeavour of the mentioned collaboration parties is bargaining on shares in power in the government under the occupation. The conditions they suggest for the negotiations are only to ensure better profit within the deal with the puppet regime and their imperialist masters.

The people of Afghanistan who have been suffering seriously from the heinous crimes of US/NATO and their puppet regime do not trust in such negotiations and deem it a conspiracy to weaken the moral of the resistance. But the people understand that the puppet regime is not in the position to determine the fate of peace negotiations. This is up to their US/NATO lords.

Any peace talks in the presence of occupation forces and puppet regime will be unjust and not acceptable for the people of Afghanistan who is represented by the anti occupation resistance. This resistance simply demands the immediate withdrawal of the occupation forces and removal of their puppet regime to reach a just solution.

15-04-2010, Afghanistan