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Logar anti-US demonstration challenges occupation and puppet regime

4. May 2010
by Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

The anti-US mass riot in Logar province on April 25, where more than 19 fuel transporters and a logistics supply convey for US bases province were set on fire, caused the anger of the US and the local authorities and led them to interdict mass demonstrations. They even threatened with death anyone refusing to obey the order.

According to Arman Mili newspaper, the officials of the Interior Ministry of Afghanistan intend to impose a ban on peaceful demonstrations in order to avoid the growth of the opposition’s influence.

According to the law and the new constitution, demonstration and freedom of expression are legal rights of the citizens. But they are being violated permanently by the government and its foreign supporters.

More than two thousand people, students and peasants of Logar, gathered in demonstrations and blocked the Kabul-Gardiz highway in Purak village to protest against the daily killing, detention and torture carried out by US/Nato forces in the province, reacting in particular to the last episode in which the US forces broke into a house late in the night, in the village of Kamal Khil, near the capital of the province, killing 4 civilians on the spot and arresting the rest of the family members who were transferred to the US base in Pul e Alam.

The angry people in thousands demanded the immediate withdrawal of the US and ISAF forces, and asked the government to take to court the perpetrators of the killing of the last 4 civilians and to release the detainees.

Several helicopters were patrolling over the head of the march and hundreds of local policemen and US forces surrounded the demonstrators and opened fire on them. The angry demonstrators attacked the convey which was carrying supplies to US base in Logar. As a result around nine vehicles with their loads were completely smashed. Four more students were injured as a result of police fire and barbaric assault and tens of them were brutally beaten and detained with the false accusation of being in connection with opposition and terrorist elements.

As said the puppet regime of Karzai and its foreign masters are afraid of the people’s anger, in spite of their modern weapons, helicopters and war machine. They cannot tolerate popular protests and slogans for their death and withdrawal. The only reaction they are capable of is to first label them as terrorists, and then kill them or arrest them and impose bans on their activities and their presence on the streets. This measure of the government proves that now they are retreating from their positions and betraying the democracy and freedom they promised to the Afghan people as their unique achievements during the last 9 years.