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Afghan left warns Libyan people over NATO interests

Imperialism never bring prosperity to the people

3. September 2011
Nasir Loyand, Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

It is really terrorist act of NATO and Sarkozi and the allies in Libya that under the pretext of protection of civilian, killing the Libyan and destroying their infrastructure to replace their ever puppet regime to meet their economic and political interest in Libya and region.

The world imperialism for its “world order” needs to occupy more regions and set up their military bases on their strategic requirement. US and NATO have been committing such crimes in the war in Afghanistan as well. They have caused the death of more than 100.000 Afghans and not only could not restored “democracy and peace” but also deteriorated the situation more than before. They established a corrupt and weak regime which cannot stay a week without the support of US/NATO. The recently talking on strategic agreement between Afghanistan and US for legalizing occupation forces and establishment of military bases constitute the key objective of the bargaining between a master and a slave.

The imperialism never have helped a nation nor brought the prosperity to them. This claim once again was recently proved in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is the duty of their own people to determine their future, it is not responsibility of US or NATO. the second aim of the US and European imperialist is to divert the attention of public from their economic crisis and home problems.

It is time to demand immediately withdrawal of all NATO and imperialist forces from Libya and the region and end the wild military operation and airstrikes.