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US-Afghan permanent slavery agreement

A nightmare in a dark night of Kabul

5. May 2012
Left Radical Organization of Afghanistan (LRA)

Finally after years of conflict and discussion between slaverholder and slave, the strategic agreement was signed by Barak Obama the president of United States and Hamid Karzai the president of Afghanistan at 12pm on May 2, 2012. Obama with an unannounced and sudden trip reached Bagram military base in Kabul and joined the presidential palace to sign the prepared agreement.

The slavery agreement was signed at the time while all the people including the ministers, the national assembly members were sleeping and still have not understand about the contents of the agreement. So, the travel of Obama on late night to Kabul on one hand shows his failure and uncontrolled security situation after a decade war in Afghanistan, on the other hand to reveals the high level no confidence among the partners as well as their hurries. The people in Afghanistan have been joking; if the agreement was signed in a mid dark night then the future of the agreement will be inevitably darkness as well. Whilst the US and its allies during a decade with their heavy military and financial presence could not insured security and development in Afghanistan, how they expect positive changes in their benefit in the time when they reduce the number of their troops, military and financial aid after 2014.

During last 10 years the US and its allies victimized the people of Afghanistan for their dirty strategic interests. They under attractive slogans like human rights, women rights, democracy, peace and reconstruction have deceived the people of Afghanistan. However, the people of Afghanistan by experiencing terrible situation as a result of US/Nato invasion identified the second face of the imperialism and realized the US/Nato mission aim in Afghanistan. The present corrupt and mafia administration, fraudulent election and fake democracy, violation of human rights, high level opium production, poverty and beggary were promoted by the US and its allies. The money they spent and wasted in the killing of Afghans in last 10 years could cover the budget of 5 time reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Karzai deceives himself while declare Afghanistan and US as equal countries and partners in this agreement. In fact the agreement was signed between two countries which are incomparable regarding their military, economical and technological … power. In fact the agreement was imposed on Afghan puppet government by US who brought to power Karzai and the administration in Afghanistan following the fall of Taliban. If Karzai dare to speak something in contradiction to the plan and strategy of US and Nato, it is a shameful attempt to appear himself as an independent president. But all the people in Afghanistan understand that his situation is worse than the situation of King Shah Shuja and Babrek Karmal regarding the authority, independence and determination in front of US authorities.

Most of the important articles what the Afghan government insisted on remained unclear in this strategic agreement and the US government preserved the rights to govern Afghanistan for one decade more. The number of US troops in Afghanistan is not specified and US is allowed to continue its military presence after the end of war as well as to use Afghan military bases and sources at anytime. Obama in his speech said that the US will not have military bases and will not patrol the Afghanistan territory, but the several US military bases in different strategic points of Afghanistan prove him liar to Afghans and Americans. But the contents of this signed agreement never addressed the need and priorities of the people of Afghanistan and absolutely never deal with the concern of the neighboring and regional countries. The neighboring countries as well as the regional countries that are sensitive to the strategic agreement between US and Afghanistan will not be convinced by false statements and assurance by Karzai and Obama, and they will deem it as a direct danger to their independence and continue their intervention in Afghanistan.

This agreement will not only secure peace and prosperity for the people of Afghanistan but will be a contract of slavery for Afghanistan to be suppressed under the feet of invader troops and provide a legal opportunity for them to freely repeat the Panjwayee, Bagram, Farah, Kundoz, Kunar, Kapisa, Jalalabad, Khost… incidents. This agreement is the tail of previous agreement which was signed at the beginning of war tragedy of Afghanistan by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah the current leader of the opposition and ex foreign minister in Karzai cabinet that gave full amenity for US troops and citizen in case of committing any crime and illegal activity in Afghanistan.

This agreement will “open a new chapter” in the war of Afghanistan that will contribute to the anti occupation resistance flames and failure of US imperialism in Afghanistan, world and home.

May 3, 2012, Afghanistan