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Out of the Euro or a long Greek winter

Anti-capitalist Left Co-operation for the Overthrow (Antarsya) in Assisi

9. August 2012
by Yiannis Rachiotis

After the elections of 6th May and 17th June 2012 the parties who signed the memorandum and support subjugation, managed to form a government with the collaboration of a "left" party – a break-away of SYRIZA. Members of the new government are some of the most fanatic neo-liberals in Greece.

The government parties contested the elections under the slogan of “renegotiation of the memorandum”. After the elections the prime minister – leader of Nea Dimokratia – stated that Greece will abide by its signature and they stopped speaking about renegotiation. Now they spend their efforts to collect 11.5 billions more from the people according to the troika instructions.

In the left, SYRIZA failed to win but gained about 26%, the highest score for a left party since 1958. But its program was very conservative: they reject the idea of an independent development outside of the EU and the eurozone. They avoid to clear what and how they want to change.

The communist party and the coalition of the extreme left lost in the 17/6 elections more than the half of the votes they gained at on 6/5 in favour of SYRIZA.

An important outcome of the elections was that a small fascist group with very strong connections with the right wing party of Nea Dimokratia and specially with the police and the army forces gained about 6%.

Although the poor people in Greece are under a continuous attack and the troika, with the collaboration of Greek establishment, provoke a real disaster, the movement is not strong enough to build an obstacle due to the facts that the majority of trade unions are still controlled by PASOK and SYRIZA prefers a “parliamentarian” opposition.

Maybe, next year the Greek left will have its last chance to stop the demolition and pull the country out of the eurozone and the EU. Otherwise the Greek winter will be very long…