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Domestic Syrian opposition leaders disappeared

Urgent Statement by the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change

21. September 2012
National Coordination Body’s Media Office / Exile Branch

On Thursday, five members of the delegation from the National Coordination Body returned to Damascus from the People’s Republic of China. Following their departure from Damascus International Airport after 5pm two cars were travelling together, but contact was lost with one of them. That car was carrying Abdelaziz Alkhayyer, Head of the Office of Foreign Relations Office of the NCB, Iyas Ayash member of the Executive Committee and a leader of the Arab Socialist Movement, and friend Maher Tahan who came to pick them up. There has been no contact with them since.

The NCB released a statement:

We at the NCB decided to postpone the publicity for the following news, hoping to find out what has happened. We have called several Embassies, numerous national and Arabic personalities – inside and outside the country:

Any infringement of the freedom and safety of Iyas Ayash, Abdelaziz Alkhayyer and Maher Tahan is an infringement of the concept of citizenship, and of moral and political commitment to the Syrian citizen and their natural right to security, freedom and dignity.

We demand that whoever can put an end to the disappearance of these three civilians should act immediately in accordance with their national responsibility in respecting other citizens and ensuring their freedom and safety.

Any harm inflicted upon our partners, regardless of the party responsible, would be a wrongdoing inflicted upon Syria, its reputation, and its unity. In this terrible time of crisis Syria needs these leading figures more than ever; they are a source of pride for every Syrian, regardless of political, geographical, or sectarian affiliations.

The National Coordination Body’s Exile Branch holds the kidnappers, whoever they be, completely responsibility – ethically, legally, and politically – for any physical or mental harm done. We demand an explanation for why there has been no communication, whatever the motives and reasons. We demand they be immediately returned safely to their families.

Eternity for our martyrs
Victory to our revolution for freedom and dignity