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Italy: Euro supporters defeated

2nd republic drawing to an end

27. February 2013
Popular Liberation Movement (MPL)

Yes, we want to say it immediately -- for the first time we can enjoy an election result. Let us see why:

1. If we consider also the number of non-voters and the spoiled votes (i.e. all the eligible citizens and not only the actual voters), the three parties (PDL – People of Freedom, PD – Democratic Party, UDC – Union of the Center) that supported for one year the worst government of the Italian republican history, obtained all together less than 50%. A blow that needs no further comment. Already this fact denies the thesis of those, many also near to us, who maintained the insignificance of these elections. On the contrary their result represents a real political earthquake.

2. Merkel’s most loved duo Bersani-Monti just obtained 40% of all valid votes. Before the elections we indicated as a goal to bring them under the threshold of 50%. We were pessimistic! The Italian ballots represent the repudiation of the European politics by the masses. They draw a nightmare picture for the Eurocrats in Brussels and Frankfurt, and even for the government in Berlin.

3. Mario Monti, the symbol of the Italian subordination to the European diktats, is the principal loser of these elections. He wanted to get more than 20% of the ballots and he found himself fighting for 10%. He pretended to be decisive and ended being irrelevant even in determining the majority in the Senate. The European and North-American centers of power that wanted him to run at any cost have now to regret.

4. The PD obtained the majority in the Chamber of Deputies, but its defeat in the Senate and the modest results of the Party (it lost 4 million preferences – one third of the votes compared to the precedent general elections) show a PD in crisis. And we do not even speak about Vendola’s pitiful 3%. He had to support Bersani on the left front, but his blanket has proved to be just a handkerchief.

5. But the most important result which indicates the end of the bipolar system and even of the second republic is the triumph of the M5S (Movimento 5 Stelle – Five Star Movement), a success we had already foreseen in December. This achievement (more than 25% in the Lower Chamber) is bigger than expected. Many reacted with skepticism when we were speaking about the probability that the M5S would obtain 100-150 MPs. We will see at the end how many seats they will receive, but we can already anticipate that we have been too cautious.

6. The success of the M5S does not only represent a legitimate and necessary protest vote. It represents a turning point after a dark period of popular lethargy and points to the opening of a new season of fights that this time – in spite of all the inveterate pessimists – will perhaps arrive to touch the issues of government and power.

7. Another element of enormous importance has also to be underlined: the protest against the transversal pro-European party has not gone to the right. The results of Forza Nuova, Casa Pound, La Destra and Fratelli d’Italia are all below 1. Differently to other European countries – and essentially thanks to the M5S – the popular protest went another way. And the danger today is not fascism, but the will of the financial oligarchies and of their political arm to dominate.

8. Of course, elections alone are not enough but it is evident how much the situation has changed with these results. And we do firmly believe that this fact will encourage all the workers and will convince the most conscious sectors of them about the necessity to build a social opposition and a political alternative to the pro-European government that the defeated parties will try to form.

9. The dominant bloc will try in any way to react to this situation. But how? Considering the seats assigned in the Senate, a governing majority needs again an alliance between PD and PDL, as it was during Monti’s government.

10. We can therefore imagine that there will be again an alliance between all system parties, from Vendola to Monti and if necessary also with Berlusconi, an alliance that everybody excluded during the electoral campaign.

11. These elections assigned to us and to all those who want to reverse the existent system new duties, and we will have to work hard to promote a mass uprising able to give birth to a popular emergency government. Tomorrow a new phase will begin. But now let us celebrate: this time we have good reasons for it.

February 25, 2013 (right after the preliminary results were announced)

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