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Food Sovereignty, Land of Palestine

A vanguard experimentation in Palestine

7. August 2013
by Maurizio Fratta

The world is dealing with an exponential growth of disease tightly connected to nutritional models dictated by the lifestyle which modern society has imposed. Amongst the pathologies connected to metabolism, the World Health Organization estimates that type two diabetes is assuming the characteristics of a real pandemic with more than 370 million affected of which four million are here in Italy only.

– But, at the same time the international scientific community is becoming aware of the extraordinary clinical results obtained throught the diets created by Mario Pianesi (Ma-Pi Diets) just in the cure of diabetes. These diets are based in accordance with the principles of ancient chinese medicine on variable percentages amongst cereals, vegetables, and proteins, and they are recommended in accordance with the severity of the pathological condition observed. The medical-clinical experiments which began in research centers in four continents (China, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cuba) after more than ten years have achieved results which could non longer be ignored, not even by official science.

– On the eighteenth of April an important communication was made in the Aula magna of the University La Sapienza in Rome, in occasion of the convention held by the cultural association called Un Punto Macrobiotico and founded by Mario Pianesi.

– The Secretary General of the Science and Technology Academy of Palestine, professor Imad Khatib, has documented the results of the experiments made last may in Ramallah with the participation of 23 patients affected by type two diabetes. The short-term therapeutic effects of the Pianesi diets were surprising even to the palestinian clinics: in 21 days the 23 diabetic adults undergoing the diet therapy had significantly improved the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and of blood pressure, regardless of the decrease in consumption of hypoglycemic-effect drugs. This same improvement was noticed in all those countries whose ministers and governments chose to adhere to the projects proposed by Mario Pianesi and the results are now being found of much interest in many latin american countries.

– Experimentation has started also in Italy under the supervision of Professor Fallucca, President of the International Center for Studies on Diabetes, who has presented it recently at the seventh International Congress on the Prevention of Diabetes held in Madrid. A decisive and integrating part of the positive outcome for the Ma-Pi Two project in Ramallah as indicated by Professor Imad Khatib was the preparatin and sowing of the garden where food is cultivated in a natural way, without the use of pesticides, and following a method, that of Pianesian Policulture, centered around the balance between agriculture and nature.

– We speak of this on the website of Anti-imperialist Camp because it represents one of the few remaining voices in Italy holding high the standard of the alternative represented by populations and governments opposing those politics which are devastating of life and environment and which connotate the actual western and capitalistic society.

– We are convinced that the cause of liberation and of independence in the Land of Palestine may find a renewed progress yet again through the deeds and ingeniousness of Italians.