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Medical doctor assisting anti-Maidan arrested and tortured

Campaign for the release of Grubnik Vladimir Yurievich

7. January 2016
Anonymous Ukrainian democratic activists in exile and supporters

The Ukrainian campaign against any activists who oppose the Kiev regime goes on and on. Several thousand of political prisoners including communists, pro-Russian activists e.t.c. taken captive by SBU (State security service of Ukraine) stay at prisons without any court for months and years, bearing tortures through their incarceration. Regime persecutes everyone who dares to oppose it in any possible way. Here is an example based on facts:


On the 19th of October, 2015, Grubnik Vladimir Yurievich, a doctoral candidate of Medicine, a lecturer at Odessa National Medical University (Department of surgery) and a surgeon at Odessa Municipal clinical hospital was arrested in Odessa by force. He was an activist who participated in the events on Kulikovo Field [massacre committed by right-wing Ukrainian nationalists in Odessa where dozens of anti-Maidan activists we killed] and contributed medical aid to his comrades who suffered traumas during those events. He refused to accept the inhuman and illegal regime and after that he shared the fate of many who dared to speak up.

Ukrainian authorities incriminate him participation in terrorist activities which he totally denies. During the very process of detention he was beaten and the beating went on later. You can see the consequences on the pictures published in media and in this video

By the information the other prisoners provide, since Vladimir is refusing to admit guilt, he’s been repeatedly tortured. That’s a usual method which State security service of Ukraine practices against prisoners. Here is a video in which another political prisoner Ruslan Dolgosheya, who’s also accused of terrorism, tells about it during a court hearing

Vladimir Grubnik may need external assistance and media publicity since he was sick with tuberculosis and has developed tubercular symptoms as our sources inform. We want the European public to evaluate these cases properly and hope that Vladimir, Ruslan and many others can get all the possible help from European organizations which protect human rights and freedoms.