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Nazis beat Leftist Union leader in Ukraine

24. April 2016

In the working trip to Zaporizhzhya City the leader of the Union of Leftist Vasyl Volga was strongly beaten by Nazis

Before the press conference in Zaporizhzhya City Vasily Volga was attacked.

More than 30 radical neo-Nazis took part in beating the leader of the UL. Vasyl Volga was unguarded, and refused for their demand to leave the Zaporizhzhya.

Vasyl Volga in the framework of his visit to the cities of Ukraine draws the attention of the citizens of Ukraine on the need to stop the war and confrontation in the society, to start a public dialogue between the parts of Ukraine torn by war.

Vasyl Volga also believes that the nationalist propaganda of the Ukrainian authorities are trying to cover up the catastrophic rate of decline of the economy, well-being of citizens and the impoverishment of the state. Thus, the current government is for the military theme a convenient excuse not to carry out promised reforms, fight corruption and ensure the rights of its citizens.

Without a doubt, the action of beating the leader of the Union of Leftist is an attempt to intimidate and scare the new left political force, which is becoming increasingly popular among Ukrainian citizens.

Video attacks in the attached files.