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The US/Nato backed regime in Kabul protects itself not the people

Junbish Roshaee attacked

24. July 2016
Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

On 23 July 2016 a peaceful demonstration of thousands of people in Kabul city targeted by suicide attackers and killed around one hundred young girls and boys and injured more than 200 others. Daesh (ISI) took the responsibility of this heinous crime and killing of the innocent people. The corrupt puppet regime of Ghani-Abdullah once again failed to insure the security of the demonstrators and people.

The regime of Kabul with having 350 thousand security forces plus more than 13000 US and Nato troops and hundreds of intelligent services in Kabul have been here to protect themselves from the anger of unemployed and poor people of Afghanistan who have been demanding for the withdrawal of invader US/Nato forces and resigning their child regime in Afghanistan. The government and their bosses have confined themselves in multiple protection walls and security guards and installed barriers everywhere and using armored vehicles but they never feel responsibility to maintain the security of thousands of demonstrators who needed their support.

The demonstration was organized by Junbish Roshaee (The Movement of Light) which established to advocate for the electricity for the central part of Afghanistan. The movement was created by the youth of Hazar minority for their very legal and rightful demands to struggle against the discriminative policies of the current government in Afghanistan as well as to replace the Hazara warlords who have been bargaining with the government for their personal interests. The government and some nationalist mafia were attempting to influence the movement and deviate it from its original objectives towards creating a conflict among the ethnic groups or Shiat and Sunni.

Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA) denounces the brutal attack on civilians and expresses its deep solidarity with the victims’ families and the protesters.

Occurring such painful event once again exposed the blood thirsty nature of Daesh and its supporters and the irresponsibility of the Kabul regime and its foreign bosses against the people of Afghanistan. The tragic incident taught a lesson to the deprived Hazara people that how the so-called leadership betrayed Hazara ethic by dealing with the government on their own personal agenda. Therefore, they should be kicked off by the Hazara youth and the people take the responsibility independently to achieve their demands.

July 24, 2016