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Alla Aleksandrovskaya Placed Under House Arrest

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19. October 2016
KP of Ukraine

Instead of jail – house arrest and a mandatory electronic bracelet: the Appeal court of Kharkiv region on 13.10.16 softened the measure of restraint of the main communist of Kharkov Alla Aleksandrovskaya. Thus, the ex¬people’s deputy, will remain under house arrest until 23rd October, then the court will decide on the appropriateness of her holding in custody, said the lawyer of the ex¬official to “KP in Ukraine”.


Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard

“Alla Aleksandrovskaya’s health has deteriorated compared to how it was before the decision on the preventive measure. This was diagnosed by doctors, and confirmed by examination. This was one of our main arguments because remaining in jail may lead to the deterioration of her health, and she will not be able to receive help,” said her lawyer Aleksandr Pasternak.” According to him, despite her health problems, the main Communist of Kharkov is in a fighting mood.


Security forces arrived at Aleksandrovskaya’s house with a search warrant on June 28th, after which she was taken into custody. According to the security service, Aleksandrovskaya, together with his son Aleksandr, who was declared wanted, bribed deputies of local authorities in order for them to put their signatures on the appeal to the President of Petro Poroshenko and the Parliament on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine on the issues of federalisation. The ex-deputy is accused of charges under two articles of encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine (article 110) and bribery (part 3 of article 369), the maximum penalty of which is 10 years of imprisonment.


Alla Aleksandrovskaya was born on 7th December 1948. Since 1996 she headed the Kharkov Communists until the party was banned. She was the first Secretary of the Kharkov regional Committee of the Communist party. She was a People’s Deputy of four convocations. Since 2008 – honorary citizen of Kharkov.

After the ban of activity of the Communist party, she took over the project on the special status of the region “Sloboda”. The bill developed by the organization proposed the creation of special administrative¬legal regime on the territory of the Kharkov region: to give the region special powers.

The peak of Aleksandrovskaya’s activities became an e¬petition to the President for the special status of the region, which collected more than 26,000 signatures. On the petition the President clearly answered: all regions of Ukraine must develop on an equal footing.

In support of the main Communist of Kharkov Alla Aleksandrovskaya, the Communists of the city Izium in the Kharkov region launched on social networks a flash mob – men and women photographed themselves with posters, in which they call to “stop lawlessness” and remove their “hands” from their leader.