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Odessa: manhunt on democratic activist Oleg Efimov

Authorities and Right Sector hand in hand terrorising opposition

8. January 2017
by Alexey Albu, former Odessa Regional Council Deputy in exile

Odessa: Defend courageous Oleg Efimov from fascist threats!


Urgent! The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) handed over personal data on a political opponent to the neo-Nazis!

In Odessa, the neo-Nazis from the Right Sector began harassing retired officer Oleg Efimov, who brought flowers to the Russian Consulate in memory of those who died in the recent plane crash.

Many of you have seen the video of this bold Odessan who was not afraid to speak out against the leader of the Right Sector, Sergei Sternenko. The nationalists were unable to come to terms with this defiant attitude and began to put pressure on him. The Ukrainian media have openly published personal information about Efimov, including his address, phone number, links to pages on social media, and various biographical details. Moreover – there are calls for violence.

After these publications, a storm of threats poured down on Oleg Nikolayevich, including vows of murder and demands that he leave his native Odessa.

I want to remind you that the same Sternenko organized persecution against Odessa National University teacher Elena Alexandrovna Radzikhovskiy, the mother of Andrei Brazhevsky, who was killed in the massacre at the House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014.

In modern Ukrainian history there are already cases where dissidents were killed after similar appeals and publications of personal data. The brashest was the murder of prominent Ukrainian journalist Oles Bezina in April 2015.

We must help Efimov and give this situation maximum publicity!

Unfortunately, political persecution has become the norm in today’s Ukraine, and human rights activists have been reluctant to deal with such cases. Law enforcement agencies are in a coma and unable to help in this situation. Therefore, it is up to the people ourselves to help, together with the whole world.


After the crash of the Russian aircraft in the Black Sea December 25, many Odessans began to bring flowers to the Russian Consulate. But neo-Nazis started a disinformation campaign that it was not Odessans but consulate employees themselves who placed the flowers. And every day they went to remove the flowers from the consulate.

This is very stupid act exposes the Ukrainian nationalists as people who are immoral, cowardly and low.

But the fact remains.

When the retired officer Oleg Efimov brought flowers, the leader of the nationalists tried to stop him, and started putting on a show for the camera. But the man was not afraid and responded to the leader of nationalists.

After that, the nationalist leader received information about the officer from the Security Service of Ukraine and called for his persecution. Sergei Sternenko published Efimov’s address, phone number and other information. It is located here.


Translated by Greg Butterfield