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13 workers of a coal mine shoot down in Afghanistan

11. January 2017
by Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)

On January 6th 2017, 13 workers of a coal mine in Baghlan province of Afghanistan were killed by armed men of Daesh or Taliban while they were on the way to their homes. The workers neither affiliated to any political tendency nor government.


This is not the first time that the workers are targeted by Daesh and Taliban because of working in under government or foreign troops control areas. In some cases Daesh hunts the workers because of their believes and religious affiliation. Shiite minority in Afghanistan are recognized non-Muslim by Daesh and thus legalize their annihilation by any means and any time.

Some circles in the government of Afghanistan and foreign embassies in Kabul are accused of financing and supporting Daesh in Afghanistan. Zahir Qadir an MP and also the ex governor of Paktika province of Afghanistan charged the National Security Council of Afghanistan with granting money to Daesh in Eastern and Southern provinces of Afghanistan.

The recent attempts of Russia in collaboration with China and Pakistan aim to halt Daesh advancement in Afghanistan to influence in central Asia and reach Russian territory. Now, it is clear enough that the Obama administration created Daesh in Iraq and Syria and now supporting them in Afghanistan to use them against its strategic enemies.

The people of Afghanistan are victims of the game of the US and Nato in Afghanistan within their plundering policies of surrounding Russia and China through creating and supporting Islamic extremist forces.
Since its first appearance of Daesh in 2013 in Afghanistan, nobody witness of a single assault of Daesh against US or Nato forces in the country.

It is the responsibility of the government to defend the civilians and insure protection for all workers in their working places. We call on all trade unions and pro workers forces around the world to express their solidarity with Afghan workers and ask the government of Afghanistan to take the responsibility of treatment of the injured workers and pay proper compensation to the families of the victims.

-Insure proper measures for workers protection against Daesh and any terrorist force!
-Take responsibility of fully treatment of the injured workers!
-Pay proper compensation to the families of martyred workers!

7 January 2017, Afghanistan