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Call on a possible Five-Star / Lega govt

11. May 2018
Popular Liberation Movement (MPL)

Happy with the outcome of the electoral earthquake on March 4, we did not hesitate to call on an M5S-League government to end the austerity policies of subjection to the euro-germany.


After two months of uncertainty and hesitancy (whose responsibilities also fall on the shoulders of Salvini and Di Maio) it seems that this government takes life. It is not born under a good star, nevertheless better this way. We’ll see if Di Maio and Salvini will find a firm agreement.

It is not said that they succeed. If they do, we will see what the program will be, who the Chairman of the Government and its team. Only then can a judgment be made.

Do not beat around the bus: the litmus test is first of all economic policy. Will Di Maio and Salvini have the courage to respect the expectations of change coming from the polls and to put an end to the austerity policies? In other words: will they go on a collision course with the diktats of the European Union?

In our press release of March 20 we wrote: “We doubt that these two forces [M5s and Lega] have the courage to take this path. Precisely for this reason they should be challenged to assume the role that the earthquake of March 4 has objectively assigned to them”.

The pressures for them to bow their heads and betray the popular mandate are, in fact, enormous We know: it gets the blood going. The oligarchical elites, overwhelmed by the popular vote, failed the attempt of the “neutral government” – comic definition -, they chose to make the best of a bad game. They rightly consider the next budget law, the litmus test, on this they will calibrate their position. They are lurking and, if the government that should emerge decides to disobey the eurocratic dictates, will go to sabotage. They will not allow the first “populist government” in the euro area to succeed. Contagion would be lethal for the establishment.

If there is a struggle, the “populist” government has one and only chance of not being overwhelmed: to arouse the broadest popular mobilization.

Rome May 10, 2018