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Neo-Nazi terror in Lviv

3. October 2018
by S. Kirichuk

Police collaborates

In Lviv, Western Ukraine, 20 neo-Nazis armed with knives and telescopic batons have attacked a group of left-wing social activists. Young men and women received numerous wounds including life threatening ones. One of the victims, being out of consciousness, was transferred to the reanimation, he was stabbed near the heart area.

The activists recognized faces of the agressors, who were members of the National Corps, a far-right party based on the Azov military regiment and backed by the minister of interior Arsen Avakov.

This is not the first attack on the activists of the anti-fascist organization Black Banner. During the last year, these activists, in fact, were the main target for massive neo-Nazi movements of Lviv. But after each attack the police was doing nothing. Even more, policemen closely collaborate with neo-Nazis from the National Corps by coordinating their anti-oppositional measures.