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Ceasefire with security guarantees

Odessa opposition leader Albu

5. January 2023

Alexey Albu was member of the Ukrainian leftist organisation Borotba and member of the regional parliament of the Odessa oblast before the ultranationalist coup d’état in 2014.


He was victim of the Maidanist massacre against the Odessa union building on May 2, 2014, when Nazis killed more than 150 democratic activists with support of the new authorities. He survived wounded and could flee to Lugansk as a political refugee of the civil war. We asked him about his opinion on a ceasefire:


Yes, a ceasefire is a variant of finishing the conflict is possible. I mean to just stop fighting along the frontline.

But you should know that nobody will agree with the political status-quo which constitute the roots of the civil war and the military escalation. Because if the Nazi state will survive, it will get new weapons from NATO, new trained fighters, and they will attack us again. So, that means that new war will start but we will be in more difficult conditions. Nobody will agree with this.

Therefore, there are some conditions:

First of all, Western countries must stop to send new weapons to Ukraine. That means, that Ukrainian nationalists will not attack us in the future.

And the second important requirement is to stop political repressions. Because as you know, in Bucha, Izum, Kherson,… Ukrainian Nazi killed a lot of people.

Hundreds of people get under criminal investigations just for repost of some critical materials in their social media, and for telling that they are not agree with official Ukrainian state propaganda: (This is official information from SBU speakers)