Greek people must not accept new subjugation

Extra-Syriza left calls for debt default
MARS (Left Front Co-operation)
The SYRIZA-ANELL government succumbs to the demands of EU and paves the way for a new Memorandum
Mars - Left Front Co-operation

The signing of Eurogroup’s 20/2/2015 declaration by the SYRIZA-ANELL government signifies a point of no return. During the previous period SYRIZA has been retreating continuously from its programme and his electoral declarations. He has already abandoned debt’s write off and is begging for its extension. He has abandoned the nationalization of the banking system. He has forgotten his declarations about ‘tearing apart the Memorandum’ and already declared that it accepts 70% of it. He has abandoned any notion of confrontation with the EU and its policies and instead, by hiding behind the unrealistic and hypocritical position of ‘no confrontation, no submission’, he accepts a disgraceful compromise with EU’s dominant countries.

SYRIZA in the post-electoral negotiations with the EU attempts anxiously to save face and to be permitted at least to redistribute some ‘peanuts’ to the popular and middle-class strata. He asked for a bridge-programme till the ratification of a new programme (with loans and obligations) that won’t be named Memorandum but will in fact be such. EU’s ‘high priesthood’ obliged SYRIZA in the Eurogroup of 20/2/2015 to disgracefully ask for the 4-month extension of the current Memorandum. SYRIZA’s propaganda machine – together with the lackeys of every government - is trying to hide this by saying that if asked for an extension of the Master Financial Facility Agreement. He consciously [hides] the fact that this is a surrogate name for the Memorandum. He also conceals the fact that this extension is agreed in order to complete the remaining review of the Memorandum (i.e. to examine the extent to which Greece has fulfilled its obligation within the Memorandum). Only after its successful conclusion will the remaining tranches be disbursed to Greece. Therefore, SYRIZA is obliged till the very strict deadline of Monday 23/2/2015 to present what measures he is going to fulfill in the context of the current programme. Then, and only if EU’s ‘high priesthood’ is satisfied, it may grant the replacement of some gravely anti-popular measues by some other less burdensome.

Insult is added to injury as it is explicitly declared that the remaining funds of the Greek Financial Stability Fund – that were borrowed by the Greek people in order to save the bankers – do not belong to it but will be kept in a European account and used only for the recapitalization of banks (whereas SYRIZA was begging to be permitted to use them for some limited popular measures).

The Greek people must not accept this new subjugation. The only road ahead is debt default, exiting the euro and confrontation with and disengagement from the EU. All the combatant forces of labour and of the Left must create a broad popular front for the defense of people’s rights and the confrontation with the EU and the disengagement from this reactionary slaughterhouse. The forces of the radical revolutionary Left and especially the Political Co-operation of ANTARSYA and MARS will take the lead in this course. The question is what are going to do the left wing of SYRIZA and the Communist Party. Will they continue to avoid the issue? Will the former continue accommodating itself in ministers’ benches while trying to find surrogates to stutter some opposition to SYRIZA’s capitulation to the EU? Will the Communist Party continue its sectarianism, refusing any transitional programme and solely doing agitprop? Hic Rhodus, hic salta.

MARS (Left Front Co-operation)

Athens, 21/2/2015