Activist-scholars tour in Adivasi hotspot, India

Indigenous People's Vision Document on Ethos, Education & Livelihood
Calling All Activists-Scholars with interest in Tribal Rights, Ecology, Conflict Resolution-Peace, Development Studies or Anthropology to join in the unique Bastar Study Tour.

Tour will start in Pakhanjur (Kanker) and move downwards along the south-western border of Chhattisgarh, to Konta (Sukma). Jagargunda onwards the troupe will travel off-roads.


As part of facilitation program for 'Indigenous People's Vision Document on Ethos, Education & Livelihood' a joint study tour is proposed so that voices can be heard from those in the tribal community who are on the other side of the divide caused by modern education, religion & industrial development. For, it is also an obligation of the academia to clear the cobwebs of conflicting ideologies & vested interests that often try to smother the voices of the last man and then claim spokesmanship.

This tour is also an assertion of anthrophiles' rights to walk and mingle unhindered in the ancient tribal habitations. both the police and rebels must respect this.

Proposed Study Tour will give the partaking activist/scholar an opportunity to visit famous-for-wrong-reasons Dandakaranya without any mental baggage for unadulterated observations that might later form basis of a more informed-sensitive study or campaign. A yatra beginning without any agenda, charter of demands, petition or questionnaire; but with the willingness to listen, observe and learn; and fill in the blanks with authentic information on demand.

Timing of Bastar Study Tour is set purposely at the peak of summer since there's no better time to understand the hardships of tribal life. Thus, observations made at this time help improve a great deal the accuracy-efficacy of any study plan or policy intervention later on.

A coordination counter is being set-up in Raipur to address general queries as also to help avail any area specific data in support of research proposal. Partaking individuals would have to foot their own bill for various expenses on the tour. Organisers are collecting no compulsory fees but individuals are encouraged to pool in resources for coordinated efficiency & ease

For queries, suggestions, contributions, find the contact details below.


Coordination Counter: Care of Prayas, 395 Baijnathpara, P.O.+ Dist.- Raipur. Chhattisgarh. Pin-492001
Tel: +91- 97130 70013, 94252 10113. Email: