Anti-imperialist Camp Assisi 2004

Iraqi resistance leaders
The Anti-imperialist Camp in August 2004 in Assisi was one of the highest points of our movement. There where not only several hundred participants from all over Europe, but delegates and endorsers from the most diverse anti-imperialist forces across the world. The Iraqi resistance was electrifying the global movement which the Anti-imperialist Camp was trying to unify and rally behind the resistance.

One year before in August of 2003 the Anti-imperialist Camp had launched the famous campaign 10 euro for the Iraqi resistance. In spring 2004 three Italian leaders of the Camp had been arrested on the charge of support to terrorism. And one year latter in 2005 44 US congress members launched a petition to the Italian government to ban the Anti-imperialist Camp.

On the archive picture you see a plenary session on the Iraqi resistance (from left to right): Ahmed Karim, Democratic Patriotic Communist Current Iraq; Noori al-Moradi, Iraqi Communist Party (cadre); Sameera Regab, Bahraini journalist; Awni al-Kalemji, Iraqi Patriotic Alliance.

Here we gather some of the documents revolving around this historic event like, calls, resolutions, addresses etc.

This speech was delivered at the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi, Italy, August 2004, in a abbriviated form.
Message by the Int`l Action Center, USA, to Assisi 04
On behalf of the International Action Center, I would like to greet the meeting of the Anti-Imperialist Camp in Assisi, Italy, on August 1-6 and send our solidarity to the participants.
Message of the National Democratic Front of South Korea to Assisi 04
The NDFSK and the patriotic south Korean people extend warm congratulations and best wishes to the 2004 international meeting of the Anti-imperialist Camp to be held in Assisi, Italy, under the theme "Resistance is not terrorism".
Message to Assisi 04 by Badruddin Umar, Bangladesh National Liberation Council
I thank the organisers of the anti-imperialist camp 2004, August 2-6, Assisi, Italy for inviting me to address the camp. I take the this opportunity to congratulate the organisers and send greetings to the participants of the camp.
Endorsement Message of Support/Solidarity with Anti Imperialist Camp Conference August 2004 in Assisi, Italy
"We can do with the new weapons what we thought we could do only with nuclear weapons". Colin Powell, US Secretary of State to the World Media - July 2002
Message to Assisi 04: Elena Borisova PhD, Antiglobalist Resistance, Russia
The "new world order" is coming. The values of the Enlightenment and the whole epoque of the modernity are being self-destructed. The liberties become depravity and lechery due to hedonism and unlimited eager of consuming. Democracy decades to a regulated punch-and-judy show.
Message to Assisi 04 by the 32 County Sovereignty Movement and the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association
The 32 County Sovereignty Movement and the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association wish to extend revolutionary greetings to all our comrades in their struggle against imperialism in all it`s forms.
Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico
Three hotspots of the new Latin American resistance will be represented in Assisi which will allow for a thorough reflection on the anti-imperialist prospects of this continent historically having played a decisive role in the formation of the international revolutionary anti-imperialist movement.
Message of the Communist Workers` Peasant Party Pakistan to the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi
The Anti-Imperialist Camp has become a regular yearly feature to build integrated international anti-imperialist movement, the prime need of our era.
Greetings to the Anti-imperialist Camp by the retired General of Yugoslavia Stevan Mirkovic