Donetsk - land of shafts and slag heaps

Pics from the Austrian Peace Delegation May 2019
May 22nd 2019
Flags of the Popular Republic of Donetsk (DNR)
Members of the CP of Styria in front to the Donetsk library
Reception by foreign minister Natalia Nikonorova
W Murgg, member of the regional parliament of Styria, presenting the Austrian delegation
J Matscheko, W Murgg, K Luttenberger, W Langthaler, G Leitenbauer, L Gabriel
Tram decorated for the national celebration
Stadion of Shakhtar soccer club
Jannika Koschnitzke, Chris Stolle, Boris Lechthaler
Boris Lechthaler at the graveyard of assassinated president Sakharchenko
Kurt Luttenberger, workers' representative, with Fabio Frati, strike leader at Alitalia
Anti-fascists unified: Cossaks with Italian partisan flag
Fair stand by the ministry of agriculture
Coal - lifeline of Donbass
Fair: ministries presenting themselves
LNR, Transnistria, DNR, South Ossetia
Putin's promiss: Russian passports
Werner Murgg addressing the banquet
Parts of the Austrian delegation with activists of the German Linke
Pushilin, president of Donestk Popular Republic
Ballet theme: smeltering
Donmac - formerly McDonalds
Mourning the slain president Sakharchenko

From May 8 to 12, 2019, an Austrian Peace and Neutrality* Delegation consisting of nine people has visited the Donbass. Here some photo impressions.

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* refering to the constitutional principle of statal neutrality in international conflicts designed as a result of the German Nazi defeat and its imperialist ambitions. Austria should refrain from any imperialist bloc and maintain neutraliity between them.