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First May on Tahrir square in post-Mubarak Egypt

19. June 2011
Meeting the leaders of the revolutionary movement

Around May First 2011 the Anti-imperialist Camp conducted a solidarity mission to post-Mubarak Egypt. Its purpose was to get an accurate understanding of the political situation and at the same time to express our solidarity with the revolutionary forces who wants to carry on the transformation process to seize power from the oligarchy. As Anti-imperialist Camp we try to build systematic contacts with the leading forces and individuals of the anti-imperalist and revolutionary movement. Also by this mission we consolidated our links with the prospect to continue and increase the support for the Arab democratic revolutions.

Egypt’s drift away from Western tutelage
What we experienced, roughly speaking, was a boiling situation and a society in turmoil. The obvious attempt of the old regime to just get rid of its head and leave things as they used to be, has failed. The popular movement is in full swing and still growing. The first new accents in foreign policy, namely to soften the embargo on Gaza and to resume ties with Tehran, indicate a clear direction.Right after the fall of the dictator we used to speak of a bloc of the old regime which at least was able to set up the constitutional referendum of March 19. But two months later, this bloc is showing severe weaknesses and signs of disintegration. There have been some trials of former high-ranking officials, and further trials are looming. All need to embrace the “revolution”, including the … [read more]
Run for Egypt’s presidency
The landscape of the projected candidacies gives an idea of the current situation. In the forthcoming half years things may, however, alter radically. Amr Moussa the current secretary-general of the Arab League is the main candidate of the old regime, the military and the business elite. He tries to present himself as pro-Palestinian and in distance to the old regime. His obvious links to the Mubarak system may, however, cause severe troubles to him. General Magdy Hatata is a retired chief of staff of the Egyptian army. In case Moussa’s campaign collapses he cold be a fall back solution for the reactionary forces as the army enjoys prestige within the people. General Ahmed Bilel had protested against Egypt’s support for the Western attack on Iraq in 1991. He might be a … [read more]
Meet the Movement, Support the Revolutionaries
It was not an easy task, as Mubarak was probably the most important dictator representing the West. His system is still in place. It had enforced neoliberalism at the Nile, impoverished tens of millions of people, while Mubarak and his cronies lived in luxury. His system fomented the conflict between Muslims and Christians, to divide and rule. His system had joined hands with Israel to starve the people of Gaza. His system had supported the United States of America always and everywhere and tortured people on behalf of them. The popular democratic movements are about to bring down the whole neo-colonial architecture of the Middle East. In a sense, they are continuing the movement against globalisation and the resistance against the American Empire on a much broader scale. The popular … [read more]