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Pics from the Global March to Jerusalem

18. April 2012
Lebanon, March 30, 2012

The Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) is part of a series of international solidarity campaigns for Palestine and especially Gaza. But the GMJ is special for several reasons. Firstly it is based on a truly international coalition where forces from the Arab world collaborate with initiatives from Asia and the west. Secondly it has chosen an explicitly anti-Zionist platform. And thirdly it brings together leftist with Islamic organisations.

More than 200 international activists joined the GMJ, out of which the largest part came from Asia and the rest from western countries – but also people form Argentine to Japan where there.

The Anti-imperialist Camp chose to participate in Lebanon. Find here some pictures.

GMJ: anti-Zionist network in construction
The GMJ initiative served its task: It strengthened the global awareness on the western-backed Israeli attempt to “cleanse” the Palestinians from their lands and to further enlarge their colonial state. This was possible thanks to a global mobilisation on the day of the land (March 30) with its centre of gravity in occupied Palestine: Jerusalem, Gaza, West Bank and the territories occupied in 1948 – as well as the Palestinian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. At the same time there has been the Asian caravan of about 150 people crossing through more than half a dozen West Asian countries to join the march. With countless public rallies on their way they had a great impact on the public opinion of their respective countries. There have been mobilisations in dozens of cities … [read more]
Global March to Jerusalem
We say no to Zionism and to an exclusive Jewish colonial state, which reacts to the legitimate struggle of the indigenous Palestinian people for self-determination with the expansion of its Apartheid rule. To support this struggle is a special duty for the European opposition forces because Zionism is not only a product of European colonialism and racism; it still enjoys the support of our ruling elite. The Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) adopted the city of the three monotheistic world religions as a symbol of emancipation. Despite the on-going expulsion of Palestinians and the Judaisation of the city, it remains the common cultural heritage of humanity, which can never be erased. We join this pluralistic initiative transcending cultural and religious borders carrying further ahead … [read more]