Peace Delegation Damascus 2013

Jun 23rd 2013
Delegation members in Beirut bound for Damascus
Meeting the vice foreign minister Faisal al Mikdad
In the bus: Mireille Fanon Mendès-France (r)
Voice for negotiation within the government: Kadri Shamil (r), vice premier
A presidential palace in Damascus
Discussing with the president Bashar al Assad
Grand mufti Ahmed Bedridden Hassoun and bishop Raul Vera, Mexico
Hassan Abdel Azim (r), chairman National Co-ordination Body (NCB)
NCB's office: Greek MP Boudouris (r); NCB member, former political prisoner
Christiane Reymann (c), German journalist and member "Die Linke"
Ahmed Faez Fawaz (l), Selim Kheirbek, both former political prisoners

In the beginning of June 2013 an international delegation of intellectuals and activists visited Damascus to meet high governmental officials as well as the legal opposition. Already in the months before meetings with the different forces of the opposition outside took place. The aim of the initiative is to help to create the conditions for a political settlement of the conflict heading towards a democratic transformation and opposing any foreign intervention.

Statement on the Damascus Delegation

Participants of the delegation

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