Global Freedom March to Jerusalem

Amman call
The participants in The Global March to Jerusalem assert the following:

• We assert the importance of Jerusalem‬ politically, culturally and religiously to the Palestinian people and humanity as a whole. We call for the protection of the Holy Places and all archeological sites and consider all the efforts made to change its Arab and cultural identity as a crime against humanity. We call on all international institutions to do their duties towards the city.

• The defense of‬ Jerusalem and its liberation are a duty of all free people around the world and we call on all institutions, organizations, and individuals to participate in this duty.

• We condemn the Zionist campaign of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine including all ongoing policies intended to change the demographic and geographic situation in the city and aimed at its Judaization. We also condemn the continuation of the Zionist occupation forces in building the apartheid wall that aims to expropriate more Palestinian lands and convert the occupied areas into shrinking cantons isolated from each other.‬

• We support the right of the Palestinian to liberate their lands and to live on them in freedom and dignity like all other people on earth.‬

• We support the non-negotiable and‬ inalienable rights of the Palestinian People including their families to return to their homes and lands from which they were uprooted.

• We reject all racist laws that distinguish between people based on ethnicity or religion and call for their cancelation and criminalization.‬

• The Global March to Jerusalem does not represent any one faction or political party but we call for participation of all social forces, political factions, and ideologies.‬

• The Global March to Jerusalem is a global peaceful movement which does not use violence to achieve its goals.

Amman, December 13, 2011