German MP Höger: No to austerity even if it means break with euro

Letter of Solidarity from Anticapitalistic Left (within Die Linke) to Members of SYRIZA, who voted against the Brussels-Agreement
The German „Antikapitalistische Linke“ in DIE LINKE supports the steady position of those SYRIZA-members and -M.P.s, who yesterday opposed in the Greek parliament the Brussels-agreement as a brutal dictation of austerity and privatisation from Merkel and Schäuble.

The clear NO of 61% of Greek people against the blackmails of the Troika and especially the German government raised up hope of people all over Europe to stop the unsocial regime of cuts. The German „Left Party“ publicly supported the OXI on places and streets. The majority of our M.P.s will vote on Friday against a third loan-package and its neoliberal conditions. With her threats and financial terrorism Merkel speaks for the interests of banks and big companies, whom she wants to save with these credits, but not for the workers and unemployed, who have to pay the bills for it.

The „Antikapitalistic Left“ supports your resistance against all attempts to reverse the results of the referendum or to bend the knees towards the blackmails of troika-institutions. We keep our solidarity for your NO to austerity, even if this involves a break with the Europe-zone and a Grexit.

OXI to the Brussels-agreement!

OXI to a Europe of banks and companies!

NAI to international solidarity!

Inge Höger – Member of the German Bundestag

Member of the Parliamentary Group DIE LINKE.