“Anti-imperialist forces will prevail”

Iraqi resistance leader Kubaysi to support Syrian revolution
by Wilhelm Langthaler
One of the political leaders of the Iraq resistance, Abduljabbar al Kubaysi, who has been one of the driving forces of the construction of a common political front of the resistance, recently stated his confidence in the Syrian revolutionary forces.
Abduljabbar al Kubaysi in Vienna, 2003

With regard to the danger of “regime change” by the imperialists he said that “Syria is quiet different from Libya”. The overwhelming majority of the people will refuse and fight an imperialist military intervention. Even covered and operated by Turkey the political groups and popular trends involved in the revolt “do not accept the Turkish intervention”.

Kubaysi advised not to listen to the media reports which are campaigning for Western interests but do not reflect the internal situation properly. Exile politicians disturb the real picture. “We should focus on forces and groups inside Syria and I am sure that the anti-imperialist left is dominating now and will continue to do so in the future.”

According to the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance’s leader there are only the Muslim Brotherhood and a few liberals who opt for a Turkish intervention.

Asked on the recent appointment of Burhan Ghalioun by a meeting in Turkey convened by a hitherto unknown “Syrian Revolutionary Youth” he interpreted the move as an attempt to push back Turkish meddling expressed in a serious of opposition conferences held in Turkey under the auspices of the AKP government. According to Kubaysi’s sources the anti-imperialist and non-sectarian forces are dominating the movement on the ground. This can be said for former strongholds of the Muslim Brotherhood like Hama and Homs where the recently arrested leaders are “well known as strong leftist like Mustafa Rustim and others”.

Along with the appointed leaders like Ghalioun himself as well as for example Wajdy Mustafa he said that the initiative of the “Syrian Revolutionary Youth” is only one step in a larger struggle to build a common political front of the revolutionary democratic opposition. This is echoing the position of the main left leaders in Syria herself like Michel Kilo or Hassan Abdul-Adiem who insist on the necessity that the front needs to be build inside the country.

September 3, 2011