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Criticism of colonialism must continue to be permitted
The Vienna City Council has taken a number of unanimous decisions against anti-Semitism. In principle this is to be welcomed. However, the satisfaction is clouded by the fact that there is no resolution on the current aggressive smear campaign against Muslims. What is more, criticism of Israeli colonialism and the oppression of the Palestinian people is to be labelled anti-Semitic and subsequently even stopped. The anti-fascist basic consensus is thus turned against democracy and human rights, which should be equally enjoyed by all. The BDS boycott campaign, launched by Palestinian civil society according to the South African model, which aims to achieve nothing more than compliance with the relevant UN resolutions in a peaceful manner, is thereby placed in the … [read more]
Left Indian leader Saibaba re-arrested
7/1/2016 · Committee for the Defrense and Release of GN Saibaba & Delhi University Teachers Association
GN Saibaba
Dr. Saibaba is a professor of English in Ram Lal Anand College of Delhi University and a democratic rights activist who has spoken for the rights of dalits, adivasis and oppressed masses for over twenty years and led a campaign against the state sponsored war codenamed Operation Green Hunt in Central India. He is also a man with 90% physical disability and moves in a wheelchair. Despite this, the Maharashtra Police has charged him under various sections of UAPA, declared him a “dreaded Maoist”, held him in the ‘anda’ cell of the Nagpur Central Prison for 14 months. During this time it has not been able to prove any of charges made against him. He was released on interim bail by the Bombay High Court in May 2015 on medical grounds as his health deteriorated rapidly inside jail, the … [read more]
No, we are not defending Western civilization
12/1/2015 · Anti-imperialist Camp
The attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is a further escalation in the unequal confrontation between the West and the Islamic world, which is increasingly taking the form of a kulturkampf or clash of civilizations. We condemn the attack on Charlie Hebdo. At the same time, we do not join the ranks of the united front for the defence of the imperialist West and its “superior civilization”, which is emerging as a reaction to the attack. In France, this front ranges from the secularist left all across to the radical right of Jean-Marie Le Pen. As anti-imperialists, social revolutionaries and “enlightened”, rationally thinking people, we insist: 1. Not to forget the imperialist character of the present world order, which denies the majority of humankind any perspective … [read more]
Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind!
In the poorest countries of the world, where hundreds of thousands of people die of hunger and diseases, many have celebrated the massacre of New York. Among those peoples who in the last decades have been suffering from all kinds of humiliations, aggressions, massacres and injustice, many have cheered in occasion of the twin tower collapse. They see the evil where the rich see the good. Only priests with fully stuffed stomachs could condemn these extreme sentiments of the damned of earth. In fact, the poor and miserable consider the USA and their allies as those responsible for their inhuman conditions of life, for the hopeless barbarism they have to suffer from. Are they wrong? The hypocrite governors of the US and the NATO states are threatening, cursing and crying that peace … [read more]
Oppose Ban on RDF in Andhra Pradesh
12/8/2012 · Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF)
We strongly condemn this act of banning and criminalisation of our organisation and demand the immediate withdrawal of this authoritarian ban. The Government Order brands RDF as “unlawful” and bans it “with immediate effect”. The GO links RDF with the banned CPI(Maoist) by calling it a “frontal organisation” of the Maoist party. Falsely implicating RDF as “part of Tactical United Front”, it dubiously enlists the following as “unlawful activities” of the organisation: (1) Sub serving the interest and objectives of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) whose avowed objective is to overthrow the lawfully established Government by means of force and violence through terrorist activities involving the use of firearms and explosives; (2) Urging people to fight … [read more]
Camp leaders acquitted from terrorism
Roman demo in support of the Iraqi resistance
The only network we belonged to was actually the Anti-Imperialist Camp, which the Berlusconi government, the then Minister for Internal Affairs Pisanu and the under-secretary Mantovano had been thinking of getting rid of for a long time, because of its great solidarity campaigns with the resistances of the oppressed people. For years we were under watch by the Ros and the Digos [special sections of the Italian Carabinieri and Police]. They did not find a smoking gun, nor what could be reasonably called evidence. So they settled for a non-existent entity, which was made up by the attorney of Perugia. Their theory was simple: according to the special terrorism laws (art. 270bis) and their hardening of December 2001 (270 ter, quater etc.), supporting the resistances to the occupation … [read more]
Stop FBI raids and harassment
26/9/2010 · Anti-War Committee
This suppression of civil rights is aimed at those who dedicate their time and energy to supporting the struggles of the Palestinian and Colombian peoples against U.S. funded occupation and war. The FBI has indicated that the grand jury is investigating the activists for possible material support of terrorism charges. The activists involved have done nothing wrong and are refusing to be pulled into conversations with the FBI about their political views or organizing against war and occupation. The activists are involved with many groups, including: the Twin Cities Anti-War Committee, the Palestine Solidarity Group, the Colombia Action Network, Students for a Democratic Society, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization. These activists came together with many others to organize the … [read more]
Persecution of anti-imperialist activists in the U.S.
Like in the 60ies: arrests on false charges of drug crimes Drop all charges against Sharon Black-Ceci, Steven Ceci and Patrick Allen! Stop police attacks on all political activists!On the morning of December 9, long-time Baltimore Community activists Sharon Black-Ceci and Steven Ceci were dragged from their home by Baltimore police. The two, long-time leaders in the anti-racist, and poor people's rights struggle, had been under police surveillance for their political activism. They have each been falsely charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, a felony, and possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor.On Nov. 14, while both Sharon Black-Ceci and Steven Ceci were attending a workers' rights conference in NYC, Baltimore police broke down the door of their Baltimore … [read more]
Rebellion (Denmark): The Court Case is Approaching!
The aim of Rebellion (Denmark), formed in 2004, is to challenge ‘terrorist legislation’, both in Denmark and internationally.  Patrick Mac Manus The court case against Rebellion (Denmark) for support to resistance movements is now approaching. The demand is imprisonment. The court case takes place at Copenhagen City 6. Court, December 3 and December 7, 2009 and January 8, January 15, 2010. The judgement will be announced on February 8, 2010.   Terrorist legislation seeks to undermine progressive organisations, resistance movements, trade unions and solidarity movements throughout the world. We appeal for support from all movements to: - Defend the right of peoples to resist illegitimate government and foreign occupation! - Defend the right of … [read more]
U.S. banana justice system
Lawyer imprisoned for more than 2 yrs for defying “special rules” for terror suspect—before U.S. law people are UNequal Free Lynne Stewart! Lynne Stewart was sent to prison on November 19, 2009. People throughout the United States and around the world recognize this as a great miscarriage of justice.Her indictment was an outrage. So too was her conviction. The fact that this seventy year old veteran civil rights attorney has been sent to prison is a crime itself. She is serving a 28 month sentence although the Court of Appeals has remanded her case back to the original trial court with the hope that her sentence will be lengthened. The Bush Justice Department had sought a 30 year sentence.“Lynne Stewart should be set free,” stated Brian Becker, national … [read more]