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Ethiopia championing a proxy aggression in Somalia!
28/12/2006 · By the Sierra Leone People's Democratic League P.D.L.
Like any other concerned African on the continent and the Diaspora, I feel totally ashamed to hear the African Union lending its support behind Ethiopia aggression of Somalia. I feel so ashamed because, at a time when Europeans are forging ahead with unity politically, economically, culturally, we in Africa opt the path of fragmentation; I feel ashamed because, six (6) years after the transformation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) to the current African Union (AU), some African leaders still want to remain satellites for detractors to undermine the continent; I feel ashamed because African leaders, though they meet annually to debate on what supposed to be issues concerning the progress of Africa, they still have not come round to accept that so long as the continent is … [read more]