Opposes current talks with Israel
Dr. Haidar Eid is Associate Professor in the Department of English Literature, Al-Aqsa University, Gaza Strip, Palestine. Dr. Eid is a founding member of the One Democratic State Group (ODSG) and a member of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.
The narrative of the Egyptian secular left
by Amal Ramsis
Amal Ramsis in Assisi 2012 introducing her film
Following letter we received from Amal Ramsis, a lauded Egyptian filmmaker and political activist of the Tahrir. She was invited to the Anti-imperialist Camp in Assisi, Italy, in 2012 to screen one of her films and to discuss the situation after the toppling of Mubarak. Her intervention is a reaction to an article written by a member of the editorial board of this website condemning the military’s coup d’état and denouncing the ensuing harsh repression against the Muslim Brotherhood. While we do not share her position, we feel that it is representative for a certain part of the Tahrir movement.
Democracy means that also the Muslim Brothers are entitled to enjoy it
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Coup general Sisi with his main backer Saudi king Abdallah
By the military coup, the cracking down on the Muslim Brothers and the declaration of the state of emergency the generals attempt to restore the rule of the old social and (partially) also political elite. The army has been the central pillar of the global capitalist order in Egypt.
A vanguard experimentation in Palestine
by Maurizio Fratta
The world is dealing with an exponential growth of disease tightly connected to nutritional models dictated by the lifestyle which modern society has imposed. Amongst the pathologies connected to metabolism, the World Health Organization estimates that type two diabetes is assuming the characteristics of a real pandemic with more than 370 million affected of which four million are here in Italy only.
By Jerry Goldberg
City of Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, the figurehead named by reactionary Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to run Detroit and usurp its elected political officials, filed a Chapter 9 bankruptcy on July 18, the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history.
Jaffa and Ramallah movements come together
ODS meeting in Ramallah
At the invitation of "The Popular Movement for One Democratic State on the Historic Land of Palestine" (which announced its launch on May 15, 2013), some 25 of the activists of the Jaffa Group for One Democratic State came to Ramallah on Saturday, July 13, to a joint meeting. It was the first meeting of this kind bringing together supporters of a comprehensive democratic solution to the Palestinian cause from both sides of the Green Line. Members of the constituent body of The Popular Movement hosted the meeting, while the visiting delegation included political and social activists, veterans and youth, artists, academics, Arab and Jewish opponents of Zionism.
Push back the army and reach out to the Islamic milieu
by Wilhelm Langthaler
The Muslim Brotherhood has gone too far. They were even unable to read the recent mass movement as a sign that their own influence was waning and some kind of compromise was necessary. Eventually the army intervened in form of a soft coup in order to avoid a further escalation and to stop the popular mass movement before it gets out of hand.
Some preliminary thoughts on Rohani’s election
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Everybody seems happy with the unexpected outcome of the Iranian presidential elections – with the notorious Israeli exception. Given the explosive regional and global tensions, one is inclined to think that there is something wrong with this apparent harmony, isn’t it?
Addendum on Turkey’s Gezi park movement
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Dersim uprising 1938: Alevis captured by Turkish soldiers to be deported
The article “Gezi park: between democracy and Kemalism, Chances and dangers for a social revolutionary left” closed with following proposition: “Based purely on the Alevite communal group revolution proved to be impossible.” Uncomprehending reactions invited me to offer a deeper explanation.
The International Peace in Syria Initiative Meets with Government and Opposition in Damascus and Lebanon
Delegation meets Kadri Shamil (r), vice premier and minister
Since September 2012 the Peace in Syria Initiative has undertaken consultations inside and outside Syria. Between June 2 and 8, the Peace in Syria Initiative met with high ranking government officials, opposition and religious organizations.