Jaffa and Ramallah movements come together
ODS meeting in Ramallah
At the invitation of "The Popular Movement for One Democratic State on the Historic Land of Palestine" (which announced its launch on May 15, 2013), some 25 of the activists of the Jaffa Group for One Democratic State came to Ramallah on Saturday, July 13, to a joint meeting. It was the first meeting of this kind bringing together supporters of a comprehensive democratic solution to the Palestinian cause from both sides of the Green Line. Members of the constituent body of The Popular Movement hosted the meeting, while the visiting delegation included political and social activists, veterans and youth, artists, academics, Arab and Jewish opponents of Zionism.
Push back the army and reach out to the Islamic milieu
by Wilhelm Langthaler
The Muslim Brotherhood has gone too far. They were even unable to read the recent mass movement as a sign that their own influence was waning and some kind of compromise was necessary. Eventually the army intervened in form of a soft coup in order to avoid a further escalation and to stop the popular mass movement before it gets out of hand.
Some preliminary thoughts on Rohani’s election
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Everybody seems happy with the unexpected outcome of the Iranian presidential elections – with the notorious Israeli exception. Given the explosive regional and global tensions, one is inclined to think that there is something wrong with this apparent harmony, isn’t it?
Addendum on Turkey’s Gezi park movement
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Dersim uprising 1938: Alevis captured by Turkish soldiers to be deported
The article “Gezi park: between democracy and Kemalism, Chances and dangers for a social revolutionary left” closed with following proposition: “Based purely on the Alevite communal group revolution proved to be impossible.” Uncomprehending reactions invited me to offer a deeper explanation.
The International Peace in Syria Initiative Meets with Government and Opposition in Damascus and Lebanon
Delegation meets Kadri Shamil (r), vice premier and minister
Since September 2012 the Peace in Syria Initiative has undertaken consultations inside and outside Syria. Between June 2 and 8, the Peace in Syria Initiative met with high ranking government officials, opposition and religious organizations.
Chances and dangers for a social revolutionary left
by Wilhelm Langthaler
Hand sign second from left is the one of the Grey Wolves
The old left had failed facing the AKP challenge – because they read them erroneously as a linear prolongation of the military dictatorship. As the authoritarian and culturally repressive tendencies of Erdogan are coming to the fore, a new chance is being offered to social revolutionary democrats. But there is one condition: not to tap into the trap set by Kemalism which already had seemed moribund.
The German city of Stuttgart could seem a peculiar choice to hold a conference on Palestine and the One-State solution. However the defense of the Palestinian cause by an acclaimed local politician, Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, whose father was president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, seems to give the movement a significant resonance. Over 20 speakers from around the world drew in several hundred participants from across Germany and neighbouring countries. What follows is an account of some of the speakers' interventions.
Campaign of Global Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution
As in Tunisia and Egypt also in Syria there is a significant revolutionary democratic camp. While they all share the opposition against foreign intervention, sectarianism and excessive militarism their positions range from pacifism to the support of the armed struggle. Following appeal has been launched by the latter tendency spearheaded by Syrian figures like Salameh Kaileh or Samir Aita and endorsed by personalities like Fawaz Traboulsi, Etiénne Balibar, Elias Khoury, Ilan Pappe, Tariq Ali…
Indigenous People's Vision Document on Ethos, Education & Livelihood
Calling All Activists-Scholars with interest in Tribal Rights, Ecology, Conflict Resolution-Peace, Development Studies or Anthropology to join in the unique Bastar Study Tour.
Otherwise Berlin will lead us into disaster
by Wilhelm Langthaler
The German elites are dictating Europe extreme austerity. The ideology behind that: salvation comes about by emulating the German export-driven wage-deflationary model. Only by means of such drastic treatment the EU periphery could regain competitiveness. In this way these economies are pushed into deep recession with an unknown end. Dozens of millions of people are forced into unprecedented misery which for decades had been considered overcome for capitalist Europe. Eventually Germany itself will be drawn into the vortex of crisis as it is destroying its own markets. The only solution suggesting itself: dissolving the eurozone.