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Programme Anti-imperialist Camp 2012

23-26 August, 2012, Assisi, Italy

11. March 2012

Combining the Arab with the incipient European revolt with speakers from Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Germany, England and the USA.


Thursday, August 23

Tunisia: political Islam, the left and the future of the democratic revolution

Presiding: Daniela Di Marco

• Ajmi Lourimi, member of the political leadership if the Islamic movement Enahda

The left in crisis over Libya: the NATO attack and the civil war

Presiding: Massimo De Santi

• Hamza Piccardo, former leading member of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy (UCOII), former spokesperson of the European Muslim Network, Islam online
• Moreno Pasquinelli, speaker of the Anti-imperialist Camp

Syria: democratic transition or civil war?

Presiding: Wilhelm Langthaler

• Haitham Manna, speaker of the National Co-ordination Body for Democratic Change (NCB)

Friday, August 24

Greece: elections or revolution?

Presiding: Gernot Bodner

Petros Al Achmar, leading activist of the Communist Organisation of Greece (KOE) which is member of Syriza
Yiannis Rachiotis, candidate of Antarsya (Anti-capitalist Left Co-operation for the Overthrow) and leading member of the left lawyers association Alternative Intervention of Athens Lawyers (AIAL)
• Mikhalis Tiktopoulos, senior activist of the Greek antagonist opposition

Palestine: the impact of the Arab revolt, the one democratic state solution and the solidarity movement

Presiding: Thomas Zmrzly

• Zaher Birawi, leading Islamic Palestine activist, London
• Attia Rajab, Palestine Committee Stuttgart, Germany
Yoav Bar, promoter of the Haifa conference for One Democratic State in Palestine
• Leo Gabriel, member of the int’l council of the World Social Forum (WSF)

Egypt between military, Islamists and Tahrir

Presiding: Mohamed Aburous

• Amal Ramsis, price-rewarded Egyptian film director, Tahrir activist and affiliated with the revolutionary left group “We are all Resistance”
• Angela Lano, InfoPal, Italy

Cinema: Forbidden by Amal Ramsis

Saturday, August 25

The threat of an attack on Iran, the Zionist design and the struggle for peace

Presiding: Massimo De Santi

• Prof. Mohammad Reza Dehshiri, university of Tehran
Paul Larudee, member of the executive committee of the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ)
• Aldo Bernardini, docent for international law
• Vanna Vannuccini, journalist of La Repubblica daily newspaper

Bahrain: the omitted struggle for democracy

Presiding: Mohamed Aburous

• Dr. Jasim Husain Ghuloom, Wifaq opposition party MP
• Prof. Intissar Masri, secretary of the Arab-Italian center Assadakah

The Arab springs, the Syrian conflict and the imperialist regional design

Presiding: Moreno Pasquinelli

• Ali Fayyad, Hezbollah MP and leading member
• Prof. Mohammad Reza Dehshiri, university of Tehran
• Dr. Vangelis Pissias, Professor in International Economic Affairs, leading organiser of the Gaza Freedom flotilla, Greece

Sunday, August 26

The Italian crisis within the European one – a popular front to emerge as an alternative?

Presiding: Nello De Bellis

• Alberto Bagnai, economist
• Marino Badiale, university of Turin
• Leonardo Mazzei, secretary of the People’s Liberation Movement (MPL)
• Alberto Perino, leader of the NO TAV movement
• Mariano Ferro, leader of the Sicilian popular protest movement Forconi (by audio link)
• Felice Flori, leader of the Sard shepherds