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Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind!
In the poorest countries of the world, where hundreds of thousands of people die of hunger and diseases, many have celebrated the massacre of New York. Among those peoples who in the last decades have been suffering from all kinds of humiliations, aggressions, massacres and injustice, many have cheered in occasion of the twin tower collapse. They see the evil where the rich see the good. Only priests with fully stuffed stomachs could condemn these extreme sentiments of the damned of earth. In fact, the poor and miserable consider the USA and their allies as those responsible for their inhuman conditions of life, for the hopeless barbarism they have to suffer from. Are they wrong? The hypocrite governors of the US and the NATO states are threatening, cursing and crying that peace … [read more]
Resistance and democracy to be married
23/9/2012 · Anti-Imperialist Camp
Amal Ramsis, Egyptian film director, with Moreno Pasquinelli (r), AIC
A way out for Syria The main debate in Assisi as well as in the anti-imperialist movement at large has been over Syria. We encountered an overwhelming common spirit that a way must be found to fulfil the legitimate democratic rights of the popular masses while the support to the resistances against imperialism and Zionism can be continued. The only possibility to end the repression against the democratic popular movement, to avert a sectarian civil war, to stop foreign involvement and to prevent foreign military intervention is a political solution by negotiations. This tendency was epitomized by the presence of two outstanding personalities, namely Haitham Manna from the “National Co-ordination Body for Democratic Change” (NCB), the main anti-imperialist opposition coalition … [read more]
14/7/2012 · Anti-Imperialist Camp
Editorials in Europe celebrate the victory of someone who does not belong to the WASP elite as the restoration and confirmation of the American Dream—a Black man as elected monarch. The nightmare of the Bush years was supposedly just an aberration that failed, a deviation that is behind us now; the true, liberal America of opportunities is back, bright eyes, bushy tail. The lower and middle class had enough of the anti-social and war-mongering course of that coalition of protestant fundamentalists and neo-conservatives, and voted accordingly. The majority of white America, however, still voted for the zany duo McCain&Palin. One element that makes the United States so attractive is the apparent absence of formal exclusion for social advancement, and Obama seems to be the epitome of … [read more]
11/4/2012 · Unanimously approved by the Founding Conference of the ILC
We nevertheless publish the manifesto of the ILC as it gives a good impression of the stage of discussion and elabouration in the mid 1990s which in one way or another paved the way to the AIC. Spring 2012 Part One 1. History The fate of mankind depends on mankind’s history. So far, this history had neither a straightforward trend nor a purpose of its own. Until the Russian revolution, unceasing and frequently catastrophic changes have affected only the form of social systems, not their content. Ever since the time when private property superseded community life based on the collective ownership of the means of production — something which made possible an egalitarian enjoying of the consumer goods produced by labour — all social systems have had a common foundation: the … [read more]
Crisis and war ahead
9/1/2010 · By the Anti-imperialist Camp
a) The collapse of the world economy following the financial crash which erupted in the USA on September 2008 (a crash which had been announced by several creaks in the previous decade) is not one of those cyclical recessions followed by a recovery. It is more of an alarm bell pointing at a historical systemic crisis of western capitalism, in the first instance at a crisis of those imperialist countries which constituted, after World War II, the gravitational centre of global capitalism and which, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, has dominated the world despite some resistance here and there. b) The historical systemic crisis of the imperialist gravitational centre does not automatically mean that the capitalist production system as such has entered its final phase or finds … [read more]
A Post-American World?
10/1/2009 · Resolution approved by the International Executive Committee of the Anti-Imperialist Camp
***1. The systemic crisis, the epicentre of which is found in the United States, will not push the White House towards a policy of "non-intervention" on the global scene as some have foreseen. It will rather lead it to an internationalist imperialism of Wilsonian tradition which, pragmatist as it will be, will show a continuity with the policy of former President Bush.2. This doesn't mean that the imperial internationalism will take the same unilateralist shape which characterized it after 2001. The Neocon strategy of the Cheney-Rumsfeld-Bush triad gave small results compared to the huge effort it put into war, finance and diplomacy. Because of its high costs, the Neocon strategy (presented as a struggle to the bitter end against terrorism, but which actually aimed at strengthening … [read more]
Six years after the beginning
 1. The Middle East is the centre of gravity of the global geopolitical system.Taking advantage of the downfall of the USSR, the United States of America have intensified their aggressive policy, knowing well that their global supremacy depends on their ability to wield a steady dominance in this stormy region. Since 1991 Washington pursues the strategic American project, better known as "Great Middle East". This plan does not tolerate any hostile regime (see the Iraqi case) and implies wiping out any anti-imperialist resistance.In its most extreme version it implies that they need to severely modify the current geopolitical configuration, redrawing the borders inherited from old European colonialism and transforming the already unsteady nation states into weak imperial satraps. To … [read more]
Experimental anti-imperialism
13/3/2008 · Adopted by the International Conference of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Vienna, 2-4 February, 2008
Closed cycle of the anti-globalisation movement1) By the mid 1990s - the world had been still under the impression of the demise of the communist movement - the popular resistance against the liberalist attacks on the system's periphery has gained once again momentum. The single most emblematic event was the Zapatist uprising in 1994 announcing the end of the end of history. In our political laboratory the idea of making anti-imperialism the centre of our activity had been already maturing. From these anti-imperialist resistances' would emanate the only bold antagonism being able to seriously rock the imperialist-capitalist system which just had scored one of its biggest historical victories.2) In the same circumstances the anti-globalisation movement made its first steps. From the very … [read more]
Declaration of Intent of the Anti-Imperialist Camp
We respect all forms of struggle used by all organisations and movements in different countries and different circumstances in order to put an end to exploitation and oppression.The Camp advocates the highest unity in the struggle against the common enemy, declaring that imperialism is the most cruel of all capitalist systems. Thus, it cannot be overthrown without putting an end to national, social and class injustice and inequality. The struggle against imperialist globalisation can only be an International one. Thus, it needs the broadest and most unitarian and radical mass mobilisation, in the South as well as in the North, in the East just like in the West.We consider it as our aim to help this coordination through communication, information and unity in action on a world scale. We … [read more]
Proposals for a new Anti-imperialism
Firstly we have to explain both the factors which allowed the temporary success of the anti-globalisation movement in unifying very diverse forces and its political failure to develop into an anti-imperialist resistance force. Secondly we have to outline the possibilities of going beyond the anti-globalisation movement towards a movement prepared to resist the central pillar of world capitalism in the next period, Yankee imperialism.Empire, globalisation and "trans-national" struggleEconomic globalisation and the global politico-military-cultural domination of the US are the two sides of the same medal. With the forced opening of the markets we are witnessing the transformation of the nation states – not only those of the oppressed countries but also of the European metropolises – … [read more]