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The end of an era
A Greek comment on the European election results
5/7/2019 · by Paremvasi
The results of the recent triple elections (european, regional, local) signify the end of an era, a process that has been going on since 2015. The social and the organized left find it difficult to accept it. After the referendum in 2015, Greece has entered a new, tougher and more conservative political reality, in which two similar parties (SYRIZA and New Democracy) pursue similar policies, the Left counts but never heals its wounds and the extreme right raises in prominence, changing expressions and forms.
From better times when people still had hopes in Syriza
SYRIZA has shaken the resisting popular spirit, once dominant throughout the period of the massive struggles against the memoranda, and it has proven to be the worst graveyard of the Left, of its values and its diversity. The conservative shift of the society is quite strong, not only in Greece but also in Europe. The overwhelming electoral difference between New … [read more]
Lugansk - trade union republic
Pics from the Austrian Peace Delegation May 2019
Feierlichkeiten am 9. Mai zum Sieg über den Faschismus
From May 8 to 12, 2019, an Austrian Peace and Neutrality* Delegation consisting of nine people has visited the Donbass. Here some photo impressions. See political call in german / Russian / Ukrainian   * refering to the constitutional principle of statal neutrality in international conflicts designed as a result of the German Nazi defeat and its imperialist ambitions. Austria … [read more]
Donetsk - land of shafts and slag heaps
Pics from the Austrian Peace Delegation May 2019
From May 8 to 12, 2019, an Austrian Peace and Neutrality* Delegation consisting of nine people has visited the Donbass. Here some photo impressions. See political call in german / Russian / Ukrainian   * refering to the constitutional principle of statal neutrality in international conflicts designed as a result of the German Nazi defeat and its imperialist ambitions. Austria … [read more]
Hope for Odessa?
Alexej Albu has been member of the regional parliament of Odessa. On May 2, 2014, he was among the protesters being burned in the union house by a Nazi mob. He was wounded and had to flee. Currently he is living in Lugansk. He speaks about the situation in Odessa after the election of Zelensky as president of Ukraine. … [read more]
Donbass: miners and anti-fascists
A peace delegation from Austria went to Donetsk and Lugansk
23/5/2019 · Wilhelm Langthaler
A delegation of nine peace and neutrality activists went to the rebel areas in eastern Ukraine on the occasion of the celebrations of Soviet victory over German Fascism on May 9th as well as the fifth anniversary of the founding of the republics in the Donbass.
Parade in Donetsk on May 11, 2019
Even in just a few days, any visitor will realise that obvious facts on the ground in the so-called separatist areas blatantly contradict several basic assumptions: At least in the capital cities of Donets and Lugansk, normal everyday life prevails, there is no war or emergency situation evident. You have to look closely and ask locals to find signs of … [read more]
The Middle East after the Knesset elections -Perspectives for the Future
Haneen Zoabi, Member of the Knesset 2009 – 2019 “The Middle East after the Knesset elections -Perspectives for the Future” Berlin May 10th 2019 … [read more]
Haneen Zoabi addresses an audience about Israel in Bonn
7/5/2019 · By: Between the Lines – Ludwig Watzal
„The old will die, and the young will forget“ as David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, once said. Haneen Zoabi presented herself as the living counterexample. Zoabi focuses on Palestinians living in Israel which hold Israeli citizenship. She offered a quite astonishing inside view of „Israel’s democracy“.
  Zoabi, born in Nazareth in 1969, belongs to the Arab minority in Israel. From 2009 till 2019 she was a member of the Israeli parliament. According to the new „Nationality Law,“ the 20 percent Arab minority is not supposed to exist. The law defines Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people in which only the Jews have the right of self-determination. … [read more]
Porosheko's electoral defeat
25/4/2019 · Borotba
The defeat of Poroshenko’s regime in the April 21 elections was the logical outcome of a government based on neoliberal reforms and stunning nationalist propaganda. The people of Ukraine expressed their distrust of corrupt officials hiding behind patriotic rhetoric.
Borotba (Struggle)
President Poroshenko built his campaign on interference in church affairs, trying to establish one state religion, with militaristic rhetoric, as well as with nationalist slogans in matters of language.  The pre-election slogan “Army, language, faith” found support from only 25 percent of voters. It should be noted that the result was the most crushing defeat of an incumbent president in … [read more]
Call for 5th Memorial day of the Odessa Massacre
International Coalition
May 2, 2019, will mark five years since a right-wing mob attack on the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, Ukraine, a tragedy that resulted in the deaths of at least 42 people and more than 100 injured. Today there still is no justice in sight for the mourners of the victims.
Those deaths on May 2, 2014, came just months after the democratically elected president was forced out of office by politicians, mass protests and violent right-wing organizations. This resulted in growing tensions in Odessa over several weeks, which culminated with street clashes and the mob attack on the House of Trade Unions. Many cellphone videos of the attack have been … [read more]
Life in prison for a Palestinian in Austria
A proportional sentence? Freedom of expression under threat
6/11/2018 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
In the spring of 2018, a young Palestinian from Gaza was charged for terrorism and sentenced to life imprisonment by a jury at a local court in Krems, Austria. The sparse media reports indicate that the alleged terror attack, which did not actually happen, was intended to be carried out in occupied Jerusalem. The witnesses, juvenile Palestinians, were not actually present at the court in Austria, but gave their statements via Skype from an Israeli gaol.
Protest rally for Abu Habel infront of Austrian embassy London
At first glance, the whole story sounds quite unbelievable. In our ostensibly peaceful and harmless alpine republic, the maximum sentence is rarely meted out. A maximum sentence for an act that was obviously politically motivated, to be carried out in occupied Palestine, and which actually wasn’t carried out after all, should raise your eyebrows. The defendant, Abdelkarim Abu Habel, was … [read more]
Neo-Nazi terror in Lviv
3/10/2018 · by S. Kirichuk
Police collaborates
In Lviv, Western Ukraine, 20 neo-Nazis armed with knives and telescopic batons have attacked a group of left-wing social activists. Young men and women received numerous wounds including life threatening ones. One of the victims, being out of consciousness, was transferred to the reanimation, he was stabbed near the heart area. The activists recognized faces of the agressors, who were … [read more]
The Patriotic Left and the Fivestar-Lega govt
Resolution on political phase and on the tasks of P101
27/7/2018 · Adopted unanimously by third national assembly, July 1st 2018
(1) New period The victory of “No” on 4th December 2016 constitutional referendum must be considered as a watershed: with the neoliberal elite hegemony’s crisis, the Second Republic went down. That republic was born and developed in total subjection to euro-german oligarchy. Italy was hit by a heavy economic crisis, and entered a period of deep political, social and institutional instability.
P101 Popular Liberation Movement: national souvereigty, popular power, social justice
(2) Three reasons for the victory The 4th march electoral earthquake which marked a defeat of the dominant block by the “populist” forces Movimento 5 Stelle and Lega confirms the thesis expressed above. Severyl and partly contradictory reasons led to the victory of these two forces: 1 the demand for an end of the cruel austerity policy, 2 the call … [read more]
Italian president kills majority govt
28/5/2018 · by Popular Liberation Movement (MPL)
With the rejection opposed to the birth of the yellow-green government by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the serious social and political crisis becomes a devastating institutional crisis. For the first time in the history of the Republic, he has prevented that Parliament elect his government.
Paolo Savona
Defeat the main enemy Press Release 6-2018 National Council of MPL-Programma 101 With the rejection opposed to the birth of the yellow-green government by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the serious social and political crisis becomes a devastating institutional crisis. For the first time in the history of the Republic, he has prevented that Parliament elect his government. … [read more]
Call on a possible Five-Star / Lega govt
11/5/2018 · Popular Liberation Movement (MPL)
Happy with the outcome of the electoral earthquake on March 4, we did not hesitate to call on an M5S-League government to end the austerity policies of subjection to the euro-germany.
Di Maio, head of the Five Star Movement (M5S)
After two months of uncertainty and hesitancy (whose responsibilities also fall on the shoulders of Salvini and Di Maio) it seems that this government takes life. It is not born under a good star, nevertheless better this way. We’ll see if Di Maio and Salvini will find a firm agreement. It is not said that they succeed. If they do, … [read more]
To kill Taliban commanders, Afghan govt accepts death of hundret civilians
Archi massacre
4/4/2018 · Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
On April 2, 2018 the Afghan government air forces targeted a gathering in Archi district of the Kunduz province of Afghanistan and killed and wounded hundreds of civilians including tens of children. The public gathering was organized in area under the control of Taliban where thousands of people attended in a graduation ceremony. Some of the Taliban commanders and militants were also among the participants of the gathering.
The declaration of the president palace and as well as the statements of the Ministry of Defense, shamelessly justify their brutal military operation and killing of more than 60 civilians and 150 injured. The government shared with media a list of Taliban commanders that have been killed in 2nd April air strikes to show they have targeted the right place … [read more]
EU parliamentarians to question Maidan murder narrative
Evidence points to nationalist forces
23/3/2018 · Sergei Kiritchuk, Ukrainian journalist
An unprecedented event took place in the European Parliament. On the margins of the ongoing EU summit, new investigative material concerning the tragic incidents that took place in Maidan in 2014 were presented. In the conference under the title „Maidan revolution 4 years later", hosted by MEP Bill Etheridge, attended by representatives of many human rights organizations, media and European parliamentarians.
Blood on a shield on Maidan
There was present also the Scottish MEP David Coburn, and Latvian MEP Miroslav Mitrofanov who showed special interest in presentation invited all the speakers to his office to discuss possible means of action. The meeting was opened by Anne Steffen, an Israeli investigative journalist, who come to Brussels to present video material that sheds a whole new light on the … [read more]
Ukraine: next crackdown on opposition media
Igor Guzhva again under attack
27/6/2017 · by Sergei Kiritchuk
Ukrainian authorities are strengthening pressure on the a few remaining oppositional media and certain journalists who still dare to criticize the Kiev government policy or publish investigations about the corruption schemes of Ukrainian officials.
Igor Guzhva
On June 22th, two dozen men from Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) stormed the office of the main oppositional media Its editor-in-chief one of Igor Guzhva was arrested in Kiev and sent to a temporary detention center. As he reported, their work was blocked while “a search is ongoing at the agency for a falsification”. The deputy chief editor Svetlana … [read more]
Indian judiciary: "white collar Maoism to be punished"
Declaration by the Revolutionary Democratic Front
9/4/2017 · by Varavara Rao
Let us build a broad united democratic movement to demand for the release of Prof. G.N. Saibaba, Hem Mishra, Prashant Rahi, Mahesh Tirke, Pandu Narote and Vijay Tirke convicted under UAPA by the sessions judge Gadchiroli, Maharastra
Varavara Rao
An Appeal to the People, Democratic Organizations, Individuals, Mass Organizations and Political Parties Let us also fight to withdraw the draconian UAPA itself Revolutionary Democratic Front is not a frontal organization of CPI (Maoist) and it is not a banned organization in Delhi, Maharastra and certain other states. The sessions and district court of Gadchiroli dist of Maharastra has pronounced … [read more]
Indian leftist professor Saibaba sentenced to life term
Solidarity call
The International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) condemns in the strongest terms the highly anomalous conviction and sentencing for life of Professor GN Saibaba, Hem Mishra, Prashant Rahi, Mahesh Tirki and Pandu Narote for their alleged links to the Indian Maoists.
The ILPS is one with all progressive forces in India and around the world in calling for the freedom of GN Saibaba and his co-accused political prisoners. The only crime committed by GN Saibaba has been his consistent defense of the rights of dalits, adivasis and other exploited and oppressed masses in India. He has also been at the forefront … [read more]
We will not allow Kiev to silence May 2 massacre in Odessa!
Free Alexander Kushnarev!
24/2/2017 · Union Borotba (Struggle)
Appeal to left and anti-fascist organizations in Europe and worldwide on the arrest of Alexander Kushnarev
Gennady and Alexander Kushnarev
Yesterday a flagrant event happened in Odessa – agents of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) arrested Alexander Kushnarev, the father of anti-fascist Gennady Kushnarev, who was slain on May 2, 2014.  He is accused of organizing the kidnapping of Verkhovna Rada Deputy Alexei Goncharenko, who was photographed posing with Gennady’s body on May 2. Alexander Kushnarev, like the other relatives … [read more]