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The historic NO of the Italian people
19/1/2017 · Declaration by National Council of the People's Liberation Movement Program 101 (P101)
The triumph of NO in the referendum ballot box represents the extraordinary victory of a people who knew how to say No to the attack on democracy, No to the requests of the oligarchs, both internal and external to the country, No to the incessant campaign of the media, No to the blackmail of fear. It is an historical event, which marks the beginning of a new phase with great possibilities of change.
2. The demand for alternative After decades of passivity, we are seeing the first stirrings of a deep social awakening. The crisis has dug into the minds and hearts of millions of people. This is still a shapeless feeling, primordial for some aspects, but precisely for this reason, potentially disruptive. What can we say for sure – it has clearly … [read more]
Ukraine pro-Nazi health minister accused
US citizen refused to disclose her medical diploma
19/1/2017 · by Sergei Kirichuk
Another political scandal is rocking Ukraine.
Ullyana Suprun
The new healthcare minister Ullyana Suprun – a US citizen from the pro-Nazi diaspora (who came to support Maidan and was appointed as a minister) – is being accused by Ukrainian doctors of ‘reforms’ that may have caused numerous deaths of Ukrainian patients. Recently she has been accused also of total professional incompetence and the absence of the required medical … [read more]
13 workers of a coal mine shoot down in Afghanistan
11/1/2017 · by Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
On January 6th 2017, 13 workers of a coal mine in Baghlan province of Afghanistan were killed by armed men of Daesh or Taliban while they were on the way to their homes. The workers neither affiliated to any political tendency nor government.
13 workers of a coal mine shoot down in Afghanistan
This is not the first time that the workers are targeted by Daesh and Taliban because of working in under government or foreign troops control areas. In some cases Daesh hunts the workers because of their believes and religious affiliation. Shiite minority in Afghanistan are recognized non-Muslim by Daesh and thus legalize their annihilation by any means and any time. … [read more]
Odessa: manhunt on democratic activist Oleg Efimov
Authorities and Right Sector hand in hand terrorising opposition
8/1/2017 · by Alexey Albu, former Odessa Regional Council Deputy in exile
Odessa: Defend courageous Oleg Efimov from fascist threats!
Oleg Efimov
Urgent! The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) handed over personal data on a political opponent to the neo-Nazis! In Odessa, the neo-Nazis from the Right Sector began harassing retired officer Oleg Efimov, who brought flowers to the Russian Consulate in memory of those who died in the recent plane crash. Many of you have seen the video of this bold … [read more]
Snowden leaks: NSA worked on a strategy against the Anti-Imperialist Camp
2004 Internal Seminar: Anti-Imperialist Camp on the fine line between political activism and terrorism
7/1/2017 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
In early 2014, Glenn Greenwald and other politically concerned journalists with published documents leaked by the whistle-blower Edward Snowden and helped Snowden to escape persecution by the US authorities. Last month, they published secret NSA documents dating back to 2004 that show high-level NSA deliberations how to fight the Anti-Imperialist Camp. At the time, we led a global campaign to support the Iraqi resistance against the US occupation of Iraq, which we compared to the guerrilla struggle against Nazi occupation forces in Europe.
Let’s briefly recall the political context of 2004: the US government believed they could “export democracy” to Iraq, but in fact US occupation troops in Iraq faced a growing wave of resistance that had deep popular roots. The Anti-Imperialist Camp initiated a symbolic campaign under the slogan “10 Euros for the Iraqi Resistance”, which was supported by thousands with their … [read more]
How the EU destroys Ukraine’s forests
8/12/2016 · by Sergei Kirichuk
In 2015 Ukraine introduced a 10-year moratorium on the export of unprocessed timber. The decision was immediately met by harsh criticism from the EU officials. The EU argues the ban on exporting roundwood from Ukraine violates the trade part of the Association Agreement (signed by Ukraine).
Vanishing forest karpathians
And after the enormous pressure and blackmailing, the EU finally reached its aim, while caring not so much about Ukraine’s nature. On November 24, the President of The European Commission Jan-Claude Juncker stated that in coming weeks Ukraine is set to cancel the timber export ban and president Poroshenko is ready to submit the corresponding bill to the parliament. Jean-Claude … [read more]
Referendum in Italy: flares of popular revolt
Interview with Leonardo Mazzei, a leader of the leftist no-Euro forces
6/11/2016 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
Leonardo Mazzei is one of the spokespersons of Programma101, an incipient political organisation which has developed from the “Leftist Co-ordination against the Euro”. (The name refers to a desktop PC developed by Olivetti and released as the first of its kind in 1965 which did, however, not enjoy commercial success. Thus, P101 stands for the home-grown development potentials of Italy.) In the 1990ies Mazzei used to be leading member of Rifondazione Comunista. Today he is regularly authoring for and
Leonardo Mazzei
Why is the upcoming referendum so important?[read more]
A clear break with the Euro regime is required
For a wide alliance of democratic, social and popular forces to be prepare for the clash with the EU
4/11/2016 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
By means of the Euro regime the capitalist oligarchies of the European Union are inflicting the worst social disaster on the popular classes. The waves of attacks are carried out in an uneven way affecting first of all the peripheries which in some places are suffering more than during the great depression of the 1930ies. Enforcing mass impoverishment has been requiring a substantial curb on democratic rights and especially the dismantlement of national sovereignty by the Brussels supra-national bureaucracy.
Popular resentment, unease and also resistance is, however, rapidly growing. The subaltern strata eventually start to search for means to end the relentless attacks by the elites. They turn against globalisation. In order to restore social justice and democratic participation the popular masses envisage the return to national sovereignty. The Brexit vote was a heavy popular blow against the ruling … [read more]
Imprisoned Borotba member Sokolov freed after two yrs
Exchange for Ukrainian POW
19/10/2016 · by Sergei Kirichuk
We are glad to inform you that our comrade Andrei Sokolov was released on Oct 14, 2016, from Ukrainian secret prison.
Andrei Sokolov
In 2014 Andrei Sokolov came to help Donbass antifascist resistance but within two weeks he was detained by Ukrainian secret service on his way to Gorlovka antifascist anarchists. He spent 2 years in prison and some months ago he was released by Ukrainian court. But despite the court’s decision he was immediately kidnapped by Ukrainian secret service. They released him (exchanging for Ukrainian POW) - brought to the frontline with DPR and said: “Fuck off!” He managed to cross the frontline, then - DPR territory, Russian border and now already reached Borotba comrades. … [read more]
Alla Aleksandrovskaya Placed Under House Arrest
- With Electronic Tag
19/10/2016 · KP of Ukraine
Instead of jail – house arrest and a mandatory electronic bracelet: the Appeal court of Kharkiv region on 13.10.16 softened the measure of restraint of the main communist of Kharkov Alla Aleksandrovskaya. Thus, the ex¬people’s deputy, will remain under house arrest until 23rd October, then the court will decide on the appropriateness of her holding in custody, said the lawyer of the ex¬official to “KP in Ukraine”.
Alla Aleksandrovska
Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard “Alla Aleksandrovskaya’s health has deteriorated compared to how it was before the decision on the preventive measure. This was diagnosed by doctors, and confirmed by examination. This was one of our main arguments because remaining in jail may lead to the deterioration of her health, and she will not be able to receive help,” said her lawyer Aleksandr Pasternak.” According to him, despite her health problems, the main Communist of Kharkov is in a fighting mood. “KP” REMINDER … [read more]
Spain: 140 personalities protest blackmail by Eurogroup
For the defence of the people’s dignity, we must refuse the threats, political blackmail and intervention from the “Eurogroup and European Commission”
Before the servitude of the Spanish government and the political agents who negotiate and prepare new budget and public expenditure restraints for the accomplishment of the 2017 deficit objectives dictated by the Eurogroup and European Commission, the undersigned address to the citizenship, and political, social and civic organisations, for:
Euro burned
1.- To defence the sovereignty and dignity of citizens and peoples of the Spanish State before the brutal pressure exercised by the European Commission which threats with the suppression of the structural funds regularly envied to the Spanish State. This restriction could mean a loss of more than 1 billion euros if the Spanish government can’t accomplish the objective of 15 billions euros’ cutback in order to obtain a public deficit of 3,1% in 2017 (2,2% in 2018). The Spanish government must show the accomplishment of this cutback in Brussels before the 15th October. … [read more]
Alla Aleksandrovska remains imprisoned
Witchhunt against Ukraine communist leader
12/10/2016 · by Sergei Kirichuk
The leader of Kharkov communists in Ukraine - Alla Aleksandrovska (68) - remains imprisoned, despite her health problems.
Alla Aleksandrovska
The court prolonged her conviction again. An official reason is the same as in many other Ukrainian political cases: a prosecutor’s witness is missing. It’s a traditional practice in Ukrainian political cases: to delay the court hearings for years (under the pretext of missing prosecutor’s witness) and hold political opponents convicted. … [read more]
Running against the time
Report: No-Euro Forum in Italy to look for a common left exit strategy
28/9/2016 · by Gernot Bodner
The No-Euro Forum in Chianciano gathered left organizations from several European countries and the Ukraine under the common understanding of the need to break with the common currency.
Marco Zanni
The location of the third European No-Euro-Forum itself, Chianciano Terme in Tuscany, can be considered symbolic for the urgent need of an exit strategy to leave the corset of the currency union: during the 80ties it was a prosperous small town with it’s hot springs and hundreds of hotels where workers and pensioners spent their spa stays, financed from a … [read more]
Ukraine: reconciliation instead of repression
Statement of European personalities in support of democratic forces
We are seriously concerned about the facts of the systematic pressure on the opposition in Ukraine.
Peace for Ukraine
On September 4th, right-wing radicals had the attacked “Inter” TV channel. The channel’s office was burned by nationalists, only the miracle helped to avoid human casualties. Threats of physical violence are coming against journalists and editors of “NewsOne” channel. In fact, all of the independent media are facing direct violence or the threat of violence from nationalist organizations. … [read more]
EU to bear full responsibility for civil war in Ukraine
Interview with Vasilj Volga, chairman of the Union of Leftist Forces, ex-MP, former head of the State Commission of Financial Services of Ukraine
13/9/2016 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
Vasilj Volga is scheduled to address the No Euro Forum which will take place in Chianciano Terme, Siena, Italy, from 16-18 September 2016.
Vasilj Volga
What is in retrospect your position on the free trade agreement between Ukraine and the EU? The agreement is actually detrimental to Ukraine’s national economic interest. There was a populist element in the propaganda of the forces which staged the military coup like for example facilitating visa etc. We should immediately cancel the trade agreement and rebuild the economic ties with Russia and the entire region in order to serve our national interest. … [read more]
How the EU drives war – the Ukrainian example
Int’l No Euro Forum
3/9/2016 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
As the socio-economic arguments of the elites in favour of the Euro regime have been evaporating, left-liberalism withdraws top a defence line depicting the EU as guarantor of peace. Not only that free-trade steamrolling continues to inflict poverty on Africa and the capitalist periphery as a whole thus stoking conflicts, there is also the special case of Ukraine giving lie to the Europeanist claim.
Alexej Albu (in the middle with bandage) in front of the union bldg in Odessa
The EU intended to force Ukraine into a neo-liberal free-trade agreement largely cutting its vital economic tries to Russia. The internal conflict over this capitulation allowed the nationalist bloc to seize state power. As the vast majority of the south-eastern population did not want to be ruled by rightist anti-Russian forces a popular rebellion developed which the Kiev regime put down by military force. In Donbass, the old Soviet industrial heartland, they, however, failed while the popular forces could take over with Russian support. … [read more]
Milosevic exonerated
ICTY's U-turn passing unnoticed
12/8/2016 · by Andy Wicoxson
The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague has determined that the late Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic was not responsible for war crimes committed during the 1992-95 Bosnian war.
Article reproduced from: In a stunning ruling, the trial chamber that convicted former Bosnian-Serb president Radovan Karadzic of war crimes and sentenced him to 40 years in prison, unanimously concluded that Slobodan Milosevic was not part of a “joint criminal enterprise” to victimize Muslims and Croats during the Bosnian war. … [read more]
The US/Nato backed regime in Kabul protects itself not the people
Junbish Roshaee attacked
24/7/2016 · Left Radical of Afghanistan (LRA)
On 23 July 2016 a peaceful demonstration of thousands of people in Kabul city targeted by suicide attackers and killed around one hundred young girls and boys and injured more than 200 others. Daesh (ISI) took the responsibility of this heinous crime and killing of the innocent people. The corrupt puppet regime of Ghani-Abdullah once again failed to insure the security of the demonstrators and people.
The regime of Kabul with having 350 thousand security forces plus more than 13000 US and Nato troops and hundreds of intelligent services in Kabul have been here to protect themselves from the anger of unemployed and poor people of Afghanistan who have been demanding for the withdrawal of invader US/Nato forces and resigning their child regime in Afghanistan. The … [read more]
Persecution of Odessa historian E. Radzihovskaya
Witchhunt on dissenters
On June 28, the holiday that marks the signing of the Ukrainian Constitution, a peaceful demonstration was held in Odessa to protest violations of this basic law of the country. Authorities were informed on event in accordance with a law on rallies. During this event, there was a conflict between the head of the Odessa Right Sector, Sergei Sternenko, and a member of the Council of Mothers of May 2, Elena Alexandrovna Radzikhovskaya. Later, the Rector of Odessa University received a statement from Sternenko alleging Radzikhovskaya had engaged in anti-Ukrainian activities.
Sergey Sternenko also accused Radzikhovskaya, a leading specialist with the university’s Faculty of History, of using foul language in a public place and demanded the university administration dismiss her. In response, the Rector officially said that university authorities condemned Radzikhovskaya’s alleged actions and were launching an internal investigation, reflecting a lack of respect for the Constitution of Ukraine and the teacher, Elena Alexandrovna Radzikhovskaya. … [read more]
German Eurexit committee founded
An Alternative to the Euro
Social and Democratic EU Blocked
The institutional design of the Euro plays a central role in the EU crisis. A reform of the common currency would require taking at least part of the competitive pressure off the southern European countries. Without high wage settlements in Germany, EU-wide coordinated state-investment programs for ecological and social projects and an effective regulation and control of financial markets, this will, however, not happen. … [read more]