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Address to the World Anti-imperialist Platform
26/11/2023 · Wilhelm Langthaler
World Anti-imperialist Platform Athens November 2023
A broad alliance against the descent into the 3rd world war waged by the US empire The last two decades have ben characterised by a gradual loss of consensus by the Washington. They proved unable to win wars, the are crippled by a structural economic crisis and resistance movements and state powers striving for escape their rule across the globe are gaining traction. The once so powerful and all-encompassing neo-liberal globalisation is drawing to a close. In order to keep their supremacy embodied in the monopolar world order Washington embarked on war drive, a kind of revival of aborted neo-con attempts. They pre-emptively unleash war against forces showing signs of insubordination also to teach the others and to avoid a chain reaction. Therefore they have been encircling Russia as … [read more]
Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind!
In the poorest countries of the world, where hundreds of thousands of people die of hunger and diseases, many have celebrated the massacre of New York. Among those peoples who in the last decades have been suffering from all kinds of humiliations, aggressions, massacres and injustice, many have cheered in occasion of the twin tower collapse. They see the evil where the rich see the good. Only priests with fully stuffed stomachs could condemn these extreme sentiments of the damned of earth. In fact, the poor and miserable consider the USA and their allies as those responsible for their inhuman conditions of life, for the hopeless barbarism they have to suffer from. Are they wrong? The hypocrite governors of the US and the NATO states are threatening, cursing and crying that peace … [read more]
Occupy hibernates, prepares for spring
21/1/2012 · by Lainie Cassel*
Filled with its own complexities and contradictions, attempting to narrowly define OWS is a useless exercise. And although criticized by the mainstream because of the movement’s vague demands and festival-like character, no one, not even corporate media have been able to deny OWS’s tremendous impact. Despite the movement’s growth throughout the country, however, its own contradictions can be best understood in its inability to effectively address the question of race. Beginning as a largely white and middle-class movement in many cities, such contradictions have kept it from mobilizing people of color communities – those most affected by the current economic crisis and who make up a majority of New York City’s residents. While such limitations have held the Occupy … [read more]
Geo-politics versus revolution
30/12/2011 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
previous Additionally, given the continued overwhelming supremacy of imperialism there cannot be any doubt for our geo-politicians that whatever regime comes into conflict with the imperial centre must be supported – regardless of its relation to the popular masses. Tertium non datur! During the last two decades this geo-political position did not differ much from the social revolutionary one. Imperial power has been at its highest, unfolding ruthlessly and attacking resisting regimes that represented old gains of long-gone popular struggles. Outstanding examples were Yugoslavia and Iraq, where the popular masses essentially remained passive while only politically advanced sections supported the regimes’ resistance against imperialism. Popular resistance movements like those … [read more]
Declaration of Principles
Bolivar y Zamora
BOLÍVAR AND ZAMORA REVOLUTIONARY CURRENT (CRBZ) DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES We are a sum of wills brought together by a great commitment, filled with passion for and love of the Bolivarian Revolution. We are, above all else, men, women, groups, organizations, and collectives, highly aware of the quota of responsibility that we bear in this historic moment of transformations and the arrival of the Patria Nueva, or New Homeland. We understand that Revolution is a question of making dreams into realities, and this is precisely the great challenge of the Bolivarian Revolution: make into a tangible reality the proposed historical and cultural project of our Revolutionary Program, the SIMON BOLIVAR NATIONAL PROJECT. This requires of us revolutionaries a conscious, creative and steady … [read more]
Anti-Posco struggle in India
People's protest against POSCO India
A Note of POSCO Pratirodh Sangharsa Samiti ( PPSS), Jagatsinghpur, Odisha A Brief Background: On June 22 2005, Pohang Steel Company (POSCO), a large South Korean corporation, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Orissa in eastern India. This MOU outlined POSCO’s proposal to invest in the mining industry and build a steel plant, captive power station and port in Erasama block of Jagatsinghpur district. For the last five years, people living in the villages of the proposed site under the banner of POSCO Pratirodh Sanghrsa Samiti (Anti-POSCO People’s Movement) have been relentlessly protesting against the land acquisition process. More than 4000 families totaling a population of 30,000 will be affected by the project. These include all those persons … [read more]
In the same trench with anti-imperialist and marxists
Sumud: Can you give us some basic information on Hezbollah? Ali Fayyad (A.F.): Let me introduce myself first. I am now a member of the Lebanese Parliament, I am in the Political Bureau of Hezbollah and I am a professor at the Lebanese university where I teach Sociology of Politics. From 1982 until 1990, I was responsible for the students' and teachers' sector of the Hezbollah. After that from 1990 until 1994 I was the Hezbollah responsible for the media (TV, radio, newspapers etc.). Then, from 1995 until one year ago I was the General Director of the Consultative Center for Studies and Documentation, the think tank of Hezbollah, so for fourteen years. But when I got my seat at the Parliament I left my position here at this Center. So today I am only a professor at the university and an … [read more]
International Campaign Against War on the People of India launched
This overt war serving to facilitate the looting of the land and resources by Indian and international corporations for fabulous profits and the destruction of the livelihood of the countless numbers of the poorest of the poor in India is named as "Operation Green Hunt". While in different regions of the country the same operation may be named differently, the Indian state shamelessly tries to hide this banditry against the people of India and utterly open servitude to the imperialism as "war against the Naxalites"-- imposing a severe reign of terror and repression on progressive and democratic forces and individuals everywhere across the country. Countless intellectuals, authors, film makers, academics, and other professionals such as lawyers and doctors who abhor the Indian state's … [read more]
Chavez calls for 5th socialist International
In this regard, we want to sign the Commitment of Caracas as a revolutionary guide for the challenges ahead of us. We have gathered with the aim of unifying criteria and giving concrete answers that allow us to defend our sovereignty, our social victories, and the freedom of our peoples in the face of the generalized crisis of the world capitalist system and the new threats spreading over our region and the whole world with the establishment and strengthening of military bases in the sister republics of Colombia, Panama, Aruba, Curacao, the Dutch Antilles, as well as the aggression against Ecuadorian territory, and the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. We consider that the world capitalist system is going through one of its most severe crises, which has shaken its very foundations and … [read more]
Copenhagen: "Capitalist over-consumption vs. harmony with Mother Earth"
22/12/2009 · by Ron Ridenour
“.”So spoke Venezuela President Hugo Chavez from the plenary podium on the last afternoon, December 18, of the 12-day long Climate Conference.“While the conference was a failure, it, at least, led to more consciousness of what the problem is for all of us. Now starts a new stage of the struggle for the salvation of humanity, and this is through socialism. Our problem is not just about climate, but about poverty, misery, unnecessary child deaths, discrimination and racism—all related to capitalism,” Chavez said at the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Latin America (ALBA) press conference held at the Bella Centre conference immediately following Chavez’ last remarks at the plenary.Bolivia President Evo Morales followed Chavez’ remarks by … [read more]
Six years after the beginning
 1. The Middle East is the centre of gravity of the global geopolitical system.Taking advantage of the downfall of the USSR, the United States of America have intensified their aggressive policy, knowing well that their global supremacy depends on their ability to wield a steady dominance in this stormy region. Since 1991 Washington pursues the strategic American project, better known as "Great Middle East". This plan does not tolerate any hostile regime (see the Iraqi case) and implies wiping out any anti-imperialist resistance.In its most extreme version it implies that they need to severely modify the current geopolitical configuration, redrawing the borders inherited from old European colonialism and transforming the already unsteady nation states into weak imperial satraps. To … [read more]
Experimental anti-imperialism
13/3/2008 · Adopted by the International Conference of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Vienna, 2-4 February, 2008
Closed cycle of the anti-globalisation movement1) By the mid 1990s - the world had been still under the impression of the demise of the communist movement - the popular resistance against the liberalist attacks on the system's periphery has gained once again momentum. The single most emblematic event was the Zapatist uprising in 1994 announcing the end of the end of history. In our political laboratory the idea of making anti-imperialism the centre of our activity had been already maturing. From these anti-imperialist resistances' would emanate the only bold antagonism being able to seriously rock the imperialist-capitalist system which just had scored one of its biggest historical victories.2) In the same circumstances the anti-globalisation movement made its first steps. From the very … [read more]
Proposals for a new Anti-imperialism
Firstly we have to explain both the factors which allowed the temporary success of the anti-globalisation movement in unifying very diverse forces and its political failure to develop into an anti-imperialist resistance force. Secondly we have to outline the possibilities of going beyond the anti-globalisation movement towards a movement prepared to resist the central pillar of world capitalism in the next period, Yankee imperialism.Empire, globalisation and "trans-national" struggleEconomic globalisation and the global politico-military-cultural domination of the US are the two sides of the same medal. With the forced opening of the markets we are witnessing the transformation of the nation states – not only those of the oppressed countries but also of the European metropolises – … [read more]