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A Belarus Maidan?
1/9/2020 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
What do you think of the current street movement in Belarus trying to bring down Lukashenko? The current street movement is the largest we have ever seen in recent history of Belarus. Most of the people involved have no clear understanding of what they really want to achieve, and what is the future they are fighting for. Basically, it all boils down to some vague hope that it is enough to bring down Lukashenko – and everything will be all right. Of course, the people most likely to come to power if the movement wins have a very clear understanding of this future. It is clearly a neo-liberal vision with massive privatization of state property, deindustrialization, “optimization” of the healthcare system etc. It goes without saying that, as leftists, we can’t support these aims. … [read more]
Cry from within "democratic" Moldova's prison
13/12/2014 · by Paul Grigorchuk
Paul Grigorchuk
I ask independent media to publish this appeal, which I write while sitting in a Moldovan prison cell. To begin with (for those who still do not know), my criminal case was fabricated and all the criminal charges are politically motivated. I permit myself to make this appeal in the form of congratulations to representatives of the Western diplomatic missions. Today, they can celebrate the results of the recent parliamentary elections in Moldova. So I want to first of all congratulate the U.S. ambassador and head of the EU delegation in Moldova. Distinguished diplomats: While you provided all possible moral and financial support to the corrupt government of oligarchs and bribe-takers (in the opinion of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova), the first political … [read more]
Hungary’s Authoritarian Capitalism
27/8/2014 · by Mihaly Koltai
Quotes ’our starting point is the fact that until now we have known three forms of state organisation: the nation state, the liberal state and the welfare state. And the question is, what’s next? The Hungarian answer to this question is that the era of the work-based state is approaching. We want to organise a work-based society that, as I have just mentioned, undertakes the odium of stating that it is not liberal in character. [...] societies that are built on the state organisation principle of liberal democracy will probably be incapable of maintaining their global competitiveness in the upcoming decades and will instead probably be scaled down unless they are capable of changing themselves significantly. [...] It is better to acknowledge, even if it is difficult, that the … [read more]
Donetsk People’s Republic
5/5/2014 · by Boris Kagarlitsky
Western politicians know perfectly well that there is no Russian invasion, and this, precisely, is the main international problem for them. To admit as much means admitting that the government in Kiev has gone to war on its own people. To speak of the Donetsk Peoples Republic as an independent political phenomenon is impossible, since this would require posing the question of the reasons for the popular protest, and listing its demands. The talk of Kremlin agents and of the ubiquitous Russian troops—who are impossible to discover, but who have occupied close to half of Ukraine without firing a shot or even showing themselves on Ukrainian territory—is playing the same propaganda role against the Donetsk republic as was played in the anti-Bolshevik propaganda of 1917 by stories of … [read more]
Donbass revolt calls for our solidarity
5/5/2014 · Borotba
A Call for Solidarity May 8 is celebrated all over the world as a day of victory over Nazism that caused millions of losses and much suffering to many people of the world. However, now we see that neo-Nazism raises its head again. Far-right groups and parties are striving to power in many countries. Their members unleash real terror against the dissenters, migrants, the ‘others’, leftwing and anti-fascist activists. We have to stop the rise fascism again – that’s our duty to stop it till it is not too late. On May 2, 2014 in Ukrainian city Odessa neo-Nazis and far-right groups unleashed a real massacre. Far-right paramilitaries burned alive and beaten to death 46 local residents in the ‘House of Trade-Unions’. They brutally finished off the wounded, shouting ‘Glory … [read more]
Support the Donbass revolt, but not with Putin
3/5/2014 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
1. Starting point The abandonment of the association treaty with the EU last autumn sparked the street protests. This alone bears witness of the social illusions into the EU and western capitalism in general on one hand and the political power of anti-Russian sentiments on the other hand. Both from an economic as well as from a political point of view, the treaty, which implied severing the close relations to Russia, would not have served the interests of the popular masses. In return the EU only has to offer austerity along the lines of the IMF adjustment programmes in southern Europe, further pushing Ukraine into poverty and periphery. The intensity of the protests can, however, only be explained by taking into consideration the social aspects. The pro-Russian elites commanded a … [read more]
Conference of Central and Eastern European Solidarity Groups, November 6-8, 2009 Budapest
Statement on Honduras    We, the undersigned, who participated at the Conference of the Central and Eastern European solidarity groups at Budapest, Hungary on 6, 7 and 8 November, 2009 express our strongest condemnation of the military coup in Honduras against the legitimate president Manuel Zelaya.     We express our solidarity with the courageous struggle of resistance against the coup on the part of the Honduran people, led by the National Front of Resistance.     We demand the immediate reinstatement of President Manuel Zelaya, trial and punishment for the coup plotters and the convening of the Constituent Assembly in which the people of Honduras can decide truly about their own future, free from imperialist intervention.   … [read more]