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Snowden leaks: NSA worked on a strategy against the Anti-Imperialist Camp
7/1/2017 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
Let’s briefly recall the political context of 2004: the US government believed they could “export democracy” to Iraq, but in fact US occupation troops in Iraq faced a growing wave of resistance that had deep popular roots. The Anti-Imperialist Camp initiated a symbolic campaign under the slogan “10 Euros for the Iraqi Resistance”, which was supported by thousands with their names. The campaign intended to demonstrate that resistance to the occupation, including armed resistance, is not only politically and morally legitimate, but also protected by international law. The political activities of the Anti-Imperialist Camp as well as the alliances and cooperations we formed were obviously successful enough to register with the NSA. The Signal Intelligence Directorate with … [read more]
Iraqi Revolution and the specter of jihadist extremism
20/6/2014 · Pedro Rojo*, IraqSolidaridad
Following article was kindly translated from Spanish by John Catalinotto of Workers World in New York. We publish it because it plausibly points out that the military takeover of Northern Iraq by ISIS forces is intertwined with a popular rebellion and much broader than the Jihadi phenomenon. We do, however, not share the optimism that Daesh will be expelled as an alien force. Conversely we believe that Jihadism could sink deep popular roots and sectarianism from both sides has infected Iraqi society more than any other Arab country. None of the major forces involved got an instrument against sectarianism. And the Syrian events are showing the predominant dynamics of the region which transformed a supra-confessional democratic popular rebellion into a sectarian … [read more]
Iraq again rebelling
25/1/2013 · Committee against Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq, Spain
Just as other oppressed Arab people, Iraqis have been demonstrating on the streets not only since February 25, 2011 —the date in which their demands were echoed by some foreign media— but three years before, when the Revolutionary Youth Movement was founded. At that time, Iraqis demonstrated from the Northern —Erbil— to the deepest South — Fao— and also in Nayaf, Kut, Basra and Naseriyah. They demanded public services (water and electricity) and also denounced the Iranian toxic spillages in the South of Iraq. Iraqi Security forces violently repressed the first demonstrations, causing several deaths and injuring many people. The international community made no response. That no one in the media or in the diplomatic sphere did anything to stop Nouri al Maliki … [read more]
“Anti-imperialist forces will prevail”
3/9/2011 · by Wilhelm Langthaler
Abduljabbar al Kubaysi in Vienna, 2003
With regard to the danger of “regime change” by the imperialists he said that “Syria is quiet different from Libya”. The overwhelming majority of the people will refuse and fight an imperialist military intervention. Even covered and operated by Turkey the political groups and popular trends involved in the revolt “do not accept the Turkish intervention”. Kubaysi advised not to listen to the media reports which are campaigning for Western interests but do not reflect the internal situation properly. Exile politicians disturb the real picture. “We should focus on forces and groups inside Syria and I am sure that the anti-imperialist left is dominating now and will continue to do so in the future.” According to the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance’s leader there are only the … [read more]
Colonial aggression on Libya to stop Arab revolutions
On the eighth anniversary of the Zionist imperialist aggression on Iraq, the American NATO bombers and battle ships committed a cruel aggression on the Libyan territory. They are doing so in preparation to a wider plan targeting Libya’s independence and sovereignty. The armies of America, France, Britain and Italy, the supporters of the corrupt tyrant rulers in our Arab homeland, the enemies of freedom, independence, democracy, progress and justice in our Arab countries, these states are the most hypocrite, wicked and false users of human concepts and values. The West wages the aggression against Libya in the spirit of the crusaders’ hatred against the Arabs, their history and their future. It is a colonial intervention in the inner Libyan affairs in the frame of a western … [read more]
Vague public trends in the chaos in Iraq
17/5/2010 · Mundher Al-Adhami*
The fronts to look at are: US plans, the Iraqi collaborator class, the regional politics, Iraqi armed resistance forces, and then the bulk of Iraqi population having to survive and find their ways within the mounting chaos. Within each of these there are conflicts with complex dynamics. And all the fronts are really fields that overlap, rapidly influencing each other if sudden shifts occur Therefore only vague trends with relative persistence are possible to detect. And I address myself here to these at the Iraqi public level, and how it sees the other fronts. Same divisions? These are contradictory tends. On the one hand we have sectarian-ethnic entrenchment, shown by people mostly voting as largely sectarian and ethnic groups, as promoted by the occupation. One … [read more]
To defend Iran?
8/4/2010 · By Moreno Pasquinelli
«The Iraqi resistance has been waiting years for you to stand condemning Iran for its participation in the invasion of Iraq, and dissemination of sectarian strife, but you do not do, unfortunately! It seems you are with Iran even with its occupations the Iraqi lands, in Fakka for example, and kill thousands of Iraqis and playing the most serious role in hitting the Iraqi resistance in coordination with America, which makes you practically movement loyal to America by supporting Iran the most dangerous party in the implementation of US- ZIONIST schemes to divide Iraq,. This support to Iran IS very strange because Iran is playing the role of the first partner for America in the invasion and destruction of Iraq and the invasion of Afghanistan.» Salah Al-Mukhtar A first … [read more]
Final resolution of the Chianciano conference
Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan…Support the Resistance!Defeat the US empire, its European allies and its puppets in the Middle East!An historic battle is raging in the Middle East. Its outcome will determine the future of the region and eventually also that of the entire humanity.The imperialist offensive - led by the US and supported by the other imperialist bandits and helped by their local satraps - began against Afghanistan and culminated in the invasion of Iraq. Its task reaches far beyond the consolidation of the traditional Western supremacy.Rediscovering its congenital colonialist appetites imperialism is striving to exercise direct and uncontested rule. In this frame there is no space left neither for governments nor for nations which refuse to subordinate to American … [read more]
Programme and speakers
Chianciano Terme, Province of Siena, ItalySaturday 24 / Sunday 25 March, 2007Saturday morning (10,00 - 13,00)Introduction Leonardo MazzeiThe American offensive, the European subordination and the prospect of an international Anti-imperialist FrontFirst SessionTHE RESISTANCE OF THE PALESTINIAN AND LEBANESE PEOPLE AGAINST ZIONISM Presiding: Aldo Bernardini, professor for international law, university of Terramo- The Western sanctions are illegitimate: respect the democratic will of the Palestinian people- WALEED AL MODALLAL, professor for political science at the Islamic university of Gaza- The democratic solution of the Palestinian question- MOHAMMED HA ALISSA, journalist, exponent of the Palestinian left- Why Palestinians should never be asked to recognize Israel - AZZAM TAMIMI, writer … [read more]
All progressive forces to participate in the Conference to support the Resistance
The Iraqi Resistance is fighting not only to liberate Iraq but also to defend all nations from the evil of U.S. imperialism which is trying to seize all the world. We are looking forward with deep hope that all progressive groups and friends of the Iraqi people will support this conference by participating in its activities or through sending letters to the conference. We assure all those who struggle for peace, freedom and equality, that we will continue our resistance against occupation and there is no doubt that we will defeat all occupation forces. Together with all progressive powers, hand in hand, we continue our brave struggle for the best of the humanity. Best greetings and regards, Abdul-Jabar Al-Kubaisy President of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance - … [read more]
List of Speakers on the International Conference
With the Resistance, for Just Peace in the Middle EastInternational ConferenceMarch 24/25, Chianciano Terme, ItalyArab speakers' listIraqAyatollah al Sayyed Ahmed al Baghdadi, religious patriotic leader against occupation and imperialismAbdul Jabbar al Kubaysi, secretary general of the Iraq Patriotic Alliance, member of the Patriotic National Islamic FrontYoussif Hamdan, university professor, leader Communist Party (Ittihad Alshaab), member of the Patriotic and National and Islamic FrontDr. Fadhil M Hussain, university professor, journalist Dr. Ibrahim Sulman Rizk, medical doctorNouri N. Abd, leader of student and youth organisationsAsrar-A-Abdullatif, leader of the Iraqi Communist party (Central Command)Mohamed al Khuzai, spokesman of Ayatollah al Hassani, Shiite religious movement … [read more]
Int'l Conference for the resistance, a just peace in the Mideast convened
Italy, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March, 2007 International ConferenceChianciano Terme, Province of Siena, Tuscany, ItalySaturday 24 and Sunday 25 March, 2007The national assembly of the promoting forces, which met last Sunday in Florence, decided to finally convene the international conference: "Against the Occupation, with the Resistance - with a Just Peace in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine".After the struggle of 2005, when the Italian government impeded the conference on order of the US, after the success of the campaign for the visas which seem to be granted this time, and with the renewed interest of different sectors of the Arab Resistance movement time has come to hold this important international convention. On March 24/25 a wide range of Iraqi, Palestinian and Lebanese … [read more]
For a just peace in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine
It seems to be a step back into the colonial past. The map of the Middle East is increasingly marked in the colours of occupation troops. Troops of different countries, with or without a mandate of the United Nations, but always corresponding to one single design—the design of the so-called New Middle East envisaged by Washington in close alliance with Israel.Different pretexts have been put forward in order to justify the invasion of Iraq, to continue the massacre against the Palestinian people, to attack Lebanon. But behind all this is the will to control the entire region, to loot its resources, to impede any autonomous development, to subjugate the people denying them their rights, to impose Western civilisation as the only one worth to exist which one has to accept willingly … [read more]
Conference for a just peace in Iraq-Palestine: against occupation, for the resistance
We call upon all forces in support of a just peace to add their names and organisations to following call. Send your endorsement to: conference@iraqiresistance.infoIt is the second attempt to hold an international conference on Iraq (and now also on Palestine) in Europe with important representatives of the popular opposition to the occupation as last year it was impeded by the Berlusconi government in Italy following the interference by the U.S. The new Italian government led by Prodi tries to appear as advocating peace. Despite the fact that they did not fully withdraw the Italian occupation troops many people still believe their claim. If their stick to their words the government must allow such a peace conference. See the open letter to the the Foreign Minister D'Alema. Against the … [read more]